Suggestion: Fly your own base feature

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I would really love to see PG add a feature that would allow each user to fly their own base. We all love base building and finding the optimal base layout and this would help with that. This would also give us something else to do during fortification/breeding and other down times in between events.

Need to figure out where your 70% is? Fly your base! Is your breeding level up to par with your base or vice versa? Check it out!

Additionally, I think this would help new users learn game mechanics much quicker.

This suggestion has probably been made before - but it’s something I have really wanted for a long time so I thought I would throw it out there. :smiley:



In I heard of a game glitch. It requires you to drop your team join your team. Anyways have a team mates attack your base while you are not on the team join the team. And join your team mates flight have them swap quit and you are flying your own base



Oh that’s interesting :thinking: thank you.
I don’t want to have to leave my team though.
Seems a lot of people would really like to see this feature if they are going through all of that just to fly their own base.

I love this idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it would help in rearranging our individual layouts for tower mechanics and so much more % :smiley:


There’s actually a couple easier ways to hit yourself.
One of them requires having you, or a teamate bookmarked. If you have an alt and bm it, and regularly change the names with it, it might glitch and bookmark yourself. The next part is kinda complicated and might crash your device once or twice, but if anyone wants to know more lmk, I’m just too lazy to explain it more rn.
The other way involves making a ball with your fist, and then hurtling it at your face. This is more enjoyable than fight pits at least


Revenge attacking yourself will be interesting…. stop hitting yourself literally


Hmmm that would be more enjoyable than pits and it would cost less resources :thinking:

Here’s a video of how to attack yourself

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I’ve thought about this before and similar tower defense games I play have this mechanic. It would definitely would be a great addition. I’ve always been curious how my base holds up against my dragons compared to other players with similar defense layouts

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Thank you for sharing this! Much appreciated my friend. :hugs:

However, leaders cannot leave their team.
I think it’s silly we have to do a work around this elaborate to be able to fly our own base… when clearly a good number of people want to do it.

@DragonPunch any chance this would ever be implemented? :pray:t2: