Suggestion for a future warrior - digitamamon

Good day everyone,

I was reliving my childhood by watching digimon adventure 1999😅 and saw/remembered digitamamon. It’s an egg-shaped digimon and has the concept of vulnerable when attacking/it’s shell is open and invulnerable when it’s shell is closed. Think of it like a turtle. I thought this could be a design for a tank.

My suggested spells are:

  • Shell on/off: white, zero rage, can be toggled on/off. When the shell is closed (off), the dragon becomes invulnerable to damage; blocks 100% of incoming damage or even 99%. Can only use breath attack when the shell is open (on).
    image image

  • breath attack boost like in gryff or meglok. White, 1 rage, lasts 3-5 seconds, 3-5 seconds cooldown. Boost dragon’s attack by, 200%? 400%? The reason for high damage boost is to balance it with cooldown. So the dragon can deal high, burst damage but only for a short time, so ideally used against high priority towers. Doesn’t last long enough for use against whole island (5 towers). But it should be long and powerful enough to take out 1-3.
    Can also be merged/altered with nollaig’s freeze spell. So the dragon can keep towers frozen or freeze towers further back.

  • stun. White, 1 rage, lasts 1-2 seconds. Like seething spark or gryff’s or the abyssal legendary warrior (can’t remember its name😅). This is CC. Can be cast even when shell is closed. The dragon can cast this when it’s preparing to attack, so ideally it stuns, open its shell, attack a tower with breath (boosted by previous spell), then close its shell back. The spell can also destroys midair projectiles, so it can prevent derange by mages.

  • de buff spell, white, 1-2 rage, no cooldown. Like meglok’s or other debuff-ross spell. This is a part of its setup spellkit. So the dragon can “spam” this when it flies through the base. Deals no damage but can “setup” the base by weakening towers.
    First cast: towers receive 10% more damage
    Second cast: receive 20% more damage
    Third cast: receive 30% more damage and deals 15% less damage
    Fourth cast: receive 40% more damage and deals 30% less damage
    Fifth cast (maximum stack): receive 50% more damage and deals 45% less damage. Also destroys a random tower or by spell flux prioritasion like storm, mage, then others.
    The spell can also include effects like decreasing towers’ attack speed. The reason for destroying a tower at fifth cast/stack is to punch holes on the base like gig and “reward” players for casting it five times.

The strategy is managing rage and planning ahead. It can either stun towers then use its boost attack against some towers and/or focus on weakening the base by “spamming” its last spell. This dragon can also be “eternal” like hau. It can attack towers it’s level but against higher level towers, it won’t have enough power, so can only focus on denuding them (using its fourth spell).

Again, the numbers (cooldown, debuff, duration, etc.) and effects (reduce damage towers deal, increase their damage taken, reduce their attack speed, etc.) can be modified or refined but the concepts stands.

The idea is vulnerable when attacking, and invulnerable when not. This dragon is also tanky (invulnerable when its shell is closed) and can “setup” a base but cannot fully defeat it (destroys all towers); either not enough power or rage.

What do you guys think? @PGGalileo


:eyes: Didn’t see where managing rage takes part in this case, despite attack limitation

deciding whether to focus on “spamming” (spend all five rage) the fourth spell (debuffing towers) or divide rage to stun (1), attack (1), and debuff (remaining rage). I suppose “planning” rage is the better term for this than “managing” rage.

First question will be how to kill this gold tiered drags on bases with max towers without ice flak?

Gonna note that the sole weakness of this dragon is Ice Flak (limited to 1 per island), and with skillless approach to stay alive (can’t be rage drained).

Give him ability to destroy the flak, and we have one unkillable drags.
Even 0 rage invincibility such as Magic Barrier is more balanced, as it has cd.

Can make the shell cost rage to maintain (like naja’s). So, if it goes out of rage, it’s as good as dead. It can’t be rage drained (unless it doesn’t stun the mage supershots) but it has no spell to recover rage (sacrifice, blood fury, etc). Even if you fully rune it with rage, equip rider with rage, I don’t think they can generate enough to last a Long Island or a long base.

Now it has three choices:

  1. spend all rage to stay alive (stun supershots and maintain shell)
  2. spend rage to stay alive while doing some damage (stun, breath, then shell). Weakness: cost a lot of rage and wont have/recover enough for next Island
  3. Stay alive and debuff towers. Weakness: rage spent on debuffing towers means less rage available to maintain shell.

I doubt PG would risk the copyright lawsuit.

But just for giggles I’d love to see a Monty Python and the Holy Grail season. Could have a dragon that tosses holy hand grenades.

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