Suggestion for a new pvp


I’d like to suggest a pvp inspired by the boardgame Zargos, the idea is to replace Kingdom War and keep part of that pvp, while increasing its interest:
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Principle of the game:
The players’ goal is to conquer the capital of the kingdom of Zargos. Each participant is found at the head of a race : Dragons, Spiders, winged knights, monks, Amazons.
The world Zargos consists of 5 continents and 11 kingdoms. The central province contains the players’ goal: the Forbidden City, the capital of Zargos. Controlling a territory give points and these points are used to buy reinforcements and boats. The control of an entire kingdom allows to buy magic cards. These cards have magical effects affecting some aspect of the game. Each race has characteristics and features that confer advantages in combat or reorganization.
When someone occupies the 4 central areas of the kingdom of Zargos it is declared winner !

Teams are separated into 5 groups, each of the group being granted the special power of one of Zargos’ race:
-aquadragons: players in that group can cross the seas to attack shore tiles.
-spiders: players in that group can use volcanos spread on the map to pop on any other volcano and attack from there.
-winged knights: can fligh across a tile to attack another adjacent tile.
-monks: they use the hand of God to change battle result.
-amazons: use an archer shot before fight starts.

Phase 1: day 1, no fight allowed, chests drop. Each player is randomly put on one territory on the map. Officers can switch that players spot with another from an opponent team who agrees to it. Idea is to regroup players from the same team in the same area (thus removing the bad positionning issues).

Note that 5 teams will belong to the same race and they will be de facto allies against others.

Points are made in phase 2 with fights like for Kingdom wars and on top of it, race points will be gained and added on top of usual team points.

Phase 2 consists of 5 rounds, each round the team changes race and changes the extra power. So that each will have in turn one of each power and will have different allies each round.

Conquering the central island will give extra points.

What do you think?


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