Suggestion for Atlas Improvement

They could do a bracket type Atlas Island where teams are put into 8 team groups by APR.
So teams 1-8 would be on an Island and each team would fight in week 1 (1vs8) (2vs7) for a castle connected to their starting castle. The Winners would then fight the next week and the losers would fight. Same for final week. The Champion of the Round would get Awesome bonuses and then lesser bonuses down to the eighth place finisher. This would give EVERYONE regardless of alliance targets to hit and would last 6 weeks so 2 of these could run per season. Just an idea (better than more castles) that would allow strength on strength and balanced competition. Teams would be shuffled based on APR (which calculations could be updated and improved for sure) every 6 weeks. Every week there would be someone different to fight. I would also double revives, make troop loss only 10% regardless and give bullhorns instead of rubies and lame prizes for good defense. Have wave attack times where teams can block out periods of the day where the castle can not be attacked (stole that one) and then it can be like a massive fight. If only losing 10% and being able to revive faster even smaller troop teams will be able to fight. I realize fighting with an alliance or 5TA might sound weird but with the decreased troop penalty it would be more like swapping. But it would be fun competing against someone your level!

Could also be expanded to 64 teams APR 1-64 for 6 weeks but I do think there is a bigger difference between 1 and 64 than 201 and 264.

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This would be for all teams in 8 team increments, not just the top 8. The higher the APR the better the prizes. PG would make money from people needing more bullhorns and more gold. Sell good bullhorn packs and gold packs like previous and you will see more $ spent. No one is spending money on futility. I am no developer but this isnt a far stretch from pairing teams up in main game and then put them in a castle with only place to advance.

Well, they’ll get my money for sure.

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Dont want to be that person… but …

There has been many good suggestions about atlas improvements over the years (like in hundreds many). Some massive changes some minor.

Sadly almost all of them require to actually sit down at the drawing board, and code from scratch entirely new way of Atlas like you suggested. PG with limited developer resources , dwindling player base and income streams simply cannot afford this (any more). This should ve been done years ago when they had a team and a budget. It wasnt.
Now all that is left for them to do is to tinker with dial settings hoping to keep the ship afloat as long as possible.


It’s sad but true plus any big changes may lose the player base, they really need to tweak what they can to try and balance the game

I guess I was thinking this could replace glory event. But I have come to the conclusion that resistance is futile.

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