Suggestion for Build - lumber from attacks

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Ummm, you wanna elaborate?

I’d love to if I could figure out this silly UI. Also, you read fast :wink:

Anyway, suggestion for build events. Extra lumber is good but just increased base output is dull. What if we got the bonus on lumber from raiding other bases. Like, steal 50k lumber get a 3x bonus you actually go home with 150k.

More incentive to combat rather than just sitting back. Target base doesn’t lose anything more than they would anyway. Rewards active players.

More wood production → more wood to raid → rewarding active players ?
Also, I don’t think one can reach 4M points in Fort, just by sitting and waiting for their wood (raiders are out there :eyes:)

We have discussion threads for all of these. Please look at them.

:raising_hand_woman: I did.

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@moderators It could just be me, but this thread seems a bit redundant. :thinking:

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