Suggestion for element of rider gear

Hi everyone, the rider is a new feature in the game lately
We all know the element of rider’s equipments must be matched with the element of dragon in order to activate the stats. The problem is the element equipments i want dont cooperate with the dragon i plan to put rider on.
Here is my suggestion, let these equipment’s element be unset. The element of gears will permanently set when they are put on the dragon/rider the first time.
atlat is not in discussion because many people dont have atlat.

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Just claim the rider and the currency to level them up, and don’t get the gear. For non-Atlas players, they do need to have more diversity I agree, but I don’t think letting it be anything is the answer.


When you are in atlas you can make rider armor. I don’t have atlas but I hear that it is true

Yes people can forge gear, but OP said that.

Any problems with gear type will be solved once you can craft gear… so hope you get Atlas soon!

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