Suggestion for game play add ons during fortification and breeding season

Fortification and breeding adding on possible extra activity during these events ?

Just wanted to throw this out there to see if a fish would bite my line .

During fortification and breeding events I usually do most of the completion on the first day . All eggs used and all timers are used the very first day .I find myself with a lack of interest to go back into the game when I have used up all my resources. In the morning I run Atlas, Glory runs , wars ,egg runs and leveling up dragons .The same for afternoon and evening .
Is there a small event we could throw in there during these events by chance ?

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You mean like Dungeons and Assault which we are literally about to get?


yes, it is called Dungeons.
and not everyone finish their event in the first day.
some waits for the weekend.
some spread it to whole week.
also you can create your own event with your teammates.
special just for you!
and this one called, RAID
yup, team raids.
try it.
it is way more fun than all the other events in game.



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