Suggestion for GP scaling

Ok so we all know the obvious problems which exist with the new GP scaling system that factors in Team influence first.

This system rewards sandbagging on a ridiculous level, and it generally provides lower ranked teams a huge advantage in Atlas Season. The biggest problem is when high level players are on low ranked teams. Im not going to delve into the multiple scenarios as examples of this flaw because it’s been spoken about in other threads. What I’d like to focus on here is suggestions to improve GP scaling.

I will put forth 2 solutions I have thought of, maybe they have even been discussed before. There may be better, more elegant solutions out there. If you’ve thought of a solution to this pls post it here.

Solution 1:
Keep GP scaling mostly the same except for the following changes
a) a lvl 300-349, regardless of the team they are on, provides no less the 80% GP, lvl 350-399 gives 90% GP, lvl 400+ max GP no matter what.
b) loosen the range a team can hit based on their influence before they are penalized. Something like 10 ranks would already be helpful

Solution 2:
Change GP scaling to incentivize attacking higher ranked teams for bonus GP, but add a hard minimum for GP when attacking lower ranked teams. Think of it like capture the flag where a team with more flags is worth more VP, except there is a minimum VP u can earn from lower teams. So it incentives attacking higher teams, but doesn’t penalize you too hard if you don’t or can’t. The important thing here is that lower ranked teams will also earn a lower GP percentage for hitting other lower ranked teams.
There is no reason a low ranked team should have any advantage, especially one so great.

These are just my ideas, feel free to add to, improve on, or suggest something completely different. Whats important is the current system changes because it’s entirely ridiculous.


Pg is so bad at anti grief, their attempt to make new atlas teams feels better has made everyone else angry… I like your first solution personally

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Neither of these solutions are good, they just screw smaller players at the benefit for everyone else.

The original proposal the earlybirds team had was to scale glory like a bell curve, if you go too high you also lose glory. This way if someone sandbags they can’t get much glory for hitting higher players.

Personally I think the team and player should also be blended. Not the greater restriction wins. If you hit a slightly smaller player and a slightly smaller team it should be more reduced than either on its own. If you hit a small team a large player, the glory should be reduced partially as player level would partially (maybe even fully in some cases) offset the team.

It’s absolutely a terrible idea to make any sized player give enough glory to be worth hitting. We all know they will just be everyone’s whipping boy.

I also think more than player level needs to be used. There is a huge difference between a short base with level 63 towers and a short base with level 63 towers and a maxed atlas defense rider. None of which increases the player level. Of corse defense number can be easily manipulated. The problem is trickier than anyone thinks, and most people don’t really care about fair fights. They just want to club seals and get rewarded.

But I think it’s terrible to guarantee a level always delivers enough glory that someone can just hit that level. Any minimum will always be accepted if you can repeat that minimum and lose less than if you hit higher. The real problem is incentivizing higher hitting such that it’s worth doing. (Say the average player has a 50/50 chance of winning a higher hit. As long as the reward isn’t twice as much as the minimum needed for a virtually guaranteed win, it won’t be worth doing because it will be better to hit low twice)

We have a lot of flaws with glory IMO. 5 dragons yeilds a 1:1 ratio. That’s probably too much with current setups. Not too many bases I can’t crack with 5 maxed harbingers.

Another major issue with the team scaling is that there is virtually no help to find teams in your scale. There are probably plenty of teams out there but if you just start clicking randomly
You are less likely to find them. As far as I know you can only lookup influence for your team and the top 25, which isn’t useful at all. There needs to be a way to find equals (even if it’s not revealed on the map but just listed by name)

I also think the influence calculation is still not where it should be. My team is pretty decent, but I don’t think we should be top 75. We just got our first land. So the rankings are probably still very much in flux

Anyways just my thoughts. Feel free to violently disagree and demand to club seals without having to sandbag. (I can’t tell you how many people have been asking how to lower their influence)

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I understand what you’re saying, but I firmly believe that a low influence team should not be able to earn as much glory hitting other lower influence teams, as a high influence team hitting another high influence team.
If you would combine every team from Platinum to Diamond in a PvP event in the regular game, undoubtedly the higher teams would be worth more points then the lower rank ones, and it would be the same for everyone. Atlas is this combined pvp zone.

That being said, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem if high influence teams were able to find an equal amount of targets that provide 100% GP as the lower influence ones do. There aren’t plenty of teams to hit. They’re not hidden. Yes finding ppl on the map is ridiculous, but being on a high influence team, it’s easy for me to know that I don’t get 100% from more then a dozen or so teams in the game, if that. While a lower influence team has a many more available targets to get max GP from.

I like the idea of weighing player stats with primarch stats. Kind of like a power ranking. That can be factored in somehow, definitely makes more sense then just player level.

Edit: Influnece definitely needs some tweaking. Not only are teams discussing how to lower their influence, many players are looking to jump to lower teams to gain easier and more GP…can’t say that I blame either.


If influence was done properly, lower influence teams wouldn’t be able to get much glory off of larger teams by inability to win. We don’t want to punish those few skilled fliers for reaching high

And as I said I do think a bell curve (which was part of the original proposal) was a better method, specially to stop sandbagging

I’ll come back and edit this with responses to the rest of your message later. (Dinner break)

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So do you think that teams who’ve been working on influence and spending money and time should be punished for this?
How it supposed motivate ppl to grow up
If PG won’t change it-ppl will maliciously drop leagues and still hit small teams+declare and dominate in events
Do we need it?
I think solution one is very fair,because there is only few 300s Im really small teams
And I doubt that anyone will check all their lands to find that one primarch which will give him enough GP
But why team with D1/D2 roster should have any privilege against team team with same roster and higher influence
There is a lot of Sapphire and D2 teams which are staying out of D1 and concentrating on Atlas mainly
So if we will keep things like this-they will be like a free candy
Basically now teams supposed to slack to be able to get any GP
So I’m totally supporting situation 1


I understand the thought behind scaling. but when defending your own fort, glory should always be 100% for the defenders regardless of levels or rankings!!! So annoying to kill troops for zero glory!!!

It is once u own the fort for more then 24 hours.

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This is how it works. Or how it was communicated it would work. I can’t say I’ve defended against someone who was much smaller.

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Problem is a low lvl with 2 high harb backers

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We still haven’t cracked the issue of a level 500 (extremes make it easier to model) who sandbags in a team ranked say 200. He will get max glory vs almost anyone.

I think bigger weighting needs to go towards relative attacker/defender strength. Currently that’s done via level, but perhaps there is a blended level, DP, tower composition rating can be used to measure defender power, while a blended level and dragon AP composition rating for attacker + backers :man_shrugging: I haven’t thought it through completely as yet.

This actually happened to me. Some low ranked team came onto land we just reclaimed back, with a lvl 500+ who brought his taunter. I hit him once, lost 2500 troops killing 7500, and received a grand total of 38GP…3 8…on a lvl 500 player with 6 islands full of lvl 63 towers…:expressionless:

That’s ridiculous

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There’s a trend now or players leaving Diamond for low ranked influence teams in sapphire, specifically for the more abundant targets which provide max GP. From what I gather they have full intention to go back to their Diamond league teams once they’ve farmed enough GP. Other then the fact this epitomizes the problem with how team influence affects GP, how will this affect Atlas Season rankings once these players return to their old Diamond Teams @pgEcho ? Will that players Season GP carry back to their team once they’ve farmed enough GP?

Do you guys not see how much of a problem scaling GP based on team influence is? At least the way it is currently.

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Solution 1 was what it was originally supposed to be to some degree.


I was going to aid an ally and attack a level 516. It said I would get 0% glory. Are you serious? Having glory scaled completely on team influence is completely stupid. Perhaps I should drop down to a low ranked team, mop of some easy glory on some low teams, then come back up to diamond. This is the worst promotion of sandbagging ever.

That is exactly what a few ppl that I know are doing. At this point the rewards in sapphire are better then in Diamond.

And it’s completely ridiculous…utter nonsense


Well I see it like this: all those teams and players being in Atlas for months or even more then a year have such a VAST ADVANTAGE that is basically impossible to catch up!

I mean look at Atlas how it is:

  • How many teams own so many castles they selling them or trying to get rid of lvl2 while other teams struggle conquering one castle and keeping it?
  • We have individual players owning more troops then whole teams!
  • How much chance did a new team get to find a strong alliance helping them from start?
  • How many teams own Lvl4 lands/castles?
  • How many Lvl3 are owned by teams lower then Teamrank 50?
  • Not to talk about all the weeks and months of Atlas events with timers, gear, scrolls, rider shards etc.

And you complain how unfair this is for established teams?

Don´t get me wrong: it sucks for me too since I have to hit WAY bigger targets of higher ranked teams now in order to gain decent XP or GP… but hey, the advantage of having Atlas months longer then other teams is huge. I am still shaking my head in disbelief that there was no rolling back and fresh start after beta but that teams could keep what they earned with next to no competition for almost one year!

Should we allow more unfairness to happen so that everyone is affected by unfairness of some sort?

I haven’t decided yet what fix I favor though it’s clear to me that current scaling is too drastic. Regardless of how you feel about established teams the practice of high ranking players temporarily dropping to lower ranked teams for the express purpose of gaining glory is a problem that needs a solution

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THAT depends a lot on the point of view:

From the perspective of a NEW team scaling GP back might be seen as “more unfairness” since there is no way to catch up

From the perspective of an ESTABLISHED team keeping this GP scale might be seen as “more unfairniess” since there is hardly any way for a top100 team to earn reasonable GP for the amount of used troops.

You see - all is relative. All I am trying to do is bringing in the perspective of hundreds of new teams not standing a CHANCE at the moment in Atlas and all I hear here is big established teams/players whining about personal progress. That´s what makes me sad.

Some people have raised concerns about how this glory scaling negatively affects new teams. It’s not all established players whining though I feel they should be able to discuss the problem as it concerns them. But I don’t believe issues should be totally invalidated because there are other problems. Prioritization is necessary but sometimes a solution which is relatively easy to implement can be found and shouldn’t be put on hold because other more complicated issues haven’t been fixed yet. In this case though the problem is connected to the bigger issue of the new teams’ Atlas experience

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