Suggestion for invader bases

Dear PG,

Id like to make a quality of life suggestion. Right now farming gold in atlas is extraordinarily mindless and wastes so much time. Instead of choosing a sorcerer and blindly swirling your finger over the screen while doing some other chore, it would be nice if there was a way to make invader bases more of a challenge and at the same time more rewarding.

I dont think you should get gold for free, however I think you should be able to increase the difficulty of the base and get a bit more gold in return.

I propose for simplicity 3 difficulties: Easy, medium, hard which can be selected when you click on the gold mine:

Like this:

The increased gold reward is up to your judging. Shouldnt be too much though. Maybe something like medium 1.5x and hard 2x.

Im just really sick of flying over an invader base where my dragon 1 shots every single tower. Its just plain boring! It would make sense to let us choose the challenge.

Thanks for reading.

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Or maybe just a raid button like we had in kingdom wars.
That raid button used energy, so in this it can use the amount of food used by the top dragon on our roster.
Just simplifying it a little.
Your idea is actually great. It will allow us to challenge our dragons more and also allow us to practice spell combos for PvP. But I say it should also provide more xp too. Like 1.5 medium difficulty should provide, 286.4k gold to you and 1.5 times the current xp rate in addition to the xp bonus you get from castles.
And then, say you’re busy, just hit the raid button.


Great idea, however I dont really like the “free gold from raiding” aspect though. Id just keep this as easy to implement as possible. Adding those 3 buttons and changing tower levels and or throwing in mage towers and or use player bases would be much simpler and wouldnt cost PG much $$

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Wait player bases?

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I mean if the goal is to create a “challenging” invader base it obviously needs mage towers and tower setups like real players have.


Ahh like that. I thought u said and / or player bases. That raised my eyebrows :sweat_smile:

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So like medium medium introduces mages and hard introduces flaks. Probably no on the flaks

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Havent thought too much about that, and I think its up to PG to make it challenging. But yeah layouts like players with mages and flaks + increased tower levels.

Well let’s wait to see what their reply is.

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thought this, though not exactly the same, was asked and never got an official response from pg.

tbh, irdc about any changes to this as it’s only 20 runs anyways. -hardly 30 mins, ez and fast enough.

but with enough demand…

Easy, fast and most of all BRAINLESS. exactly why it needs changes! 30minutes to use up all multipliers is as fast as it could be if you go back2back. Sounds horrible to me! On top of that nobody needs all that gold at once. In reality you spread those gold runs over the day and end up only doing gold runs in WD.

Besides, Id prefer 15minutes of exciting challenging flying which give me practice with my dragons over 30minutes of mindless 1hit killing towers.


The problem I have with invader is that it doesn’t give enough xp per run and every time a new tier comes out of don’t update the towers level so it will give more xp

Seekermeki could you pls clarify in the towers one? I didn’t understand it.

Currently Invader is capped at lvl 80 towers.

Oh so for those who have just unlocked lvl80 towers in invader, it’s the same throughout the end? I didn’t know that. Sorry.

Yep, hasn’t been updated since Empyrean tier, and xp for that is quite low compared to what Eldritch dragons require.


The option to do “hard” invader bases with higher level towers would take care of this problem which near end-game players are facing too. Thanks for bringing up this issue!


I absolutely love this idea!

Recently I’ve been pretty busy with life, and it’s been hard to get on much. All I’m ever able to do is invader runs for xp and gold. However, invaders are so easy to beat that I’ve completely lost the ability to fly complex drags like Noctarn. I’m having to completely relearn :expressionless:
If I could choose to go up against a more difficult base for gold, it would be very helpful the next time life is getting busy.


I’d be all for this, especially since PG is talking about releasing new primarch tiers. Banks only hold so much gold, and primarch upgrades are expensive.

It would be nice to have a realistic ability to farm enough gold for another upgrade without spending hours running the same boring base over and over and over again.


I didn’t know that! As an N-2 player it would seem that very soon I would have discovered that in game myself. So the “max xp” aspect of invader bases was built with, perhaps, less future proofing than hindsight would suggest could have been appropriate…ok.

I personally totally agree that the mind numbing time drain these necessary runs represent could do with a review. That was before I knew that even “max xp” won’t endure.

Perhaps - at least - invader base should represent a factor reflective of a customer’s builder’s hut past that which it does currently at my level and beyond that, some dynamic factors could certainly make the grinding aspect this represents to be “fun”, at least to some degree.

The times when I drop playing time (which quid pro quo represents lower likelihood to spend PG…) are always when I go “ugh” at the prospect of grinding invader bases and I have no new dragons to at least provide a modicum of entertainment.

Less fun - less play time - less motivation to spend. It definitely sounds like a mutually beneficial aspect of the game to improve (where “mutual” = better for PG and better for customers). It therefore presents an opportunity for PG to address this in a way that increases fun and customer satisfaction AND an opportunity to miss the point and create a revenue stream. Eg burn your imbalanced economy resources to play against an invader base appropriate to your level or you’ll be penalised for not doing so - I do sincerely hope that a more long sighted view here prevails. No one denies PG a revenue stream but it’s when a quality of life change is monetised that customer dissatisfaction decreases. Fingers crossed on this one :crossed_fingers: