Suggestion for invader

@PGDave I see conflicting reports from players about the difficulty of invader vs. xp given. To help these players how feasible would it be to add a selection (perhaps in settings) to allow for 2 or 3 difficulty settings? For example:

Hard setting is all level 50s payout of 300k xp

Medium is all level 40s payout of 200k xp

Easy setting is level 40s with a payout of 125k xp

Of course tower balance is the most important thing right now.

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Or maybe even select it when you attack. You could mirror the regular, super and mega coin interface.

Neat idea, I like this. It’d be kind of annoying to have to choose every time, but maybe we can put a option to set the difficulty in the Gold Mine menu … so you can just attack if you’re happy with it, or choose an easier/harder opponent if needed. I imagine we’d leave the default as is (i.e., the easiest [not necessarily easy, as I think you’re pointing out ;)] opponent which gives you maximum XP).

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I just had an idea…

What if invader mirrored the player’s base? Then we could set the difficulty as we wish (and xp accordingly) along with the added benefit of being able to test our own bases.

Not the best idea😹
It will be good only for players with trashy base :speak_no_evil:

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