Suggestion for Kingdom Wars


My biggest problem with kingdom wars is once an enemy starts taking an area,there is no way for the defending team to take points away from the attacker. Even on a successful defeat the attacker gets partial points. My suggestion would be, on a successful defend, the defending team gets to take the number of points played for, away from that area.


Actually a good idea…which means pg probably won’t lisren :joy::joy::joy:


If this implemented, teams would rather stare on their screens and wait to defend, since this would not cost any “event resources” like “energy” or “inner fires”.


The best suggestion I’ve heard for Kingdom Wars is to scrap it.




Hmmm, that’s difficult because right now the attacker gets some points (just not a lot) for that failed attack. I like the rationale behind the idea, however.

I’d like to see more of a “you’ve been cut off from being able to attack this Hex for X period of time, so it begins to heal.”


I agre, but PG doesn’t seem


How about area damage equals max(0, 2x destruction - 100%)
Need at least 50% point to deal area damage


How about making it so that connection to your capital means tiles heal, and also tiles closer to a capital heal at a faster rate? Makes it harder to maintain vast sprawling empires, or keep teams boxed in to their own capitals. Teams fighting on home ground would get an advantage that didn’t just amount to a points handicap.


My suggestion for kingdom wars is to throw that bish in the trash. Problem solved


The recent kingdom war was the most frustrating one, my team got surrounded by big team and I couldn’t grind like I normally would do smh


I would suggest (as previously suggested) reverting back on equal foothold everytime a new round starts like all the other pvp events, that way we wouldnt have to get stuck at one place for the entire duration of the event


Remember barricades in KOTH? We could be getting their equivalents from standard attacks like we get flames for wildfire, and use to heal and strengthen damaged hexes…


Here’s a suggestion, delete kingdom wars…


Better suggestion for KW

It is an aweful event, they “tried” to improve it and basically nothing changed. Shoot it, burn it and then shoot the ashes and let us never speak of it again


Perhaps if a team attacks yours, instead of defenses doing something you could attack them instead? So if Team X has 6000 points on your tile, you can attack Team X and remove points up to that number? Or like has been suggested, have tiles heal themselves over time?

Honestly, I think that a few things that would help too would be:

  1. A quicker energy reset.
  2. The ability to move your capitol, or
  3. Having the tiles be cheaper to conquer, but reset the map a few times with new random team starting points.

We had a team surrounded essentially since day 2 and I can’t imagine this event was fun for them at all. Starting point is essentially the most important factor in success to some degree.


The random placement of your team’s capital starts the event off bad. Starting on Wednesday, they should give each team a chance to place their capital where they want. Starting with the #1 team in the league, they get 1 hour to pick their starting point. If they dont pick within an hour, they get randomly placed. After they pick, the #2 team’s clock starts. Same rule applies. Keep going down the list until all teams have their respective starting points.


This actually sounds really fun.


And that would be during treasure hunt :grin:


Scrap this event for pete’s sake :man_facepalming:t3: