Suggestion for Kingdom Wars


Wouldn’t mind a bigger map with more tiles to conquer.

Besides that, I don’t mind. We just team up with alliance teams during the event and spend the first day mapping out the area each team with progress and adjust during the event if needed.

Perhaps a raid button :stuck_out_tongue:


Yesss x100


And to add to the mix, why not also randomize the locations once every day? That would give all teams a chance to build up better VP, since if you are stuck next to the same teams all the time it eventually become a kind of a stalemate since you learn what teams and players it’s worth attacking. But the weaker teams just get more and more hits the longer the event goes on.


Kingdom War has potentials as an event that rewards strategy. However, its current form does not involve much use of strategy. The most important stretagy used by teams is " No hit agreement", and it’s created outside of the game rules. :roll_eyes:

PG really should borrow ideas from other games to infuse more strategy to this event. I would suggest the following changes:

  1. increased attack cost for more distant squares away from the capital i.e. decreased points gained per attack for the attackers.
  2. defenders can defend own squares that are under attack. You attack enemy bases to decrease their progress much like the temple raid.
  3. give teams abilities to build forts on own squares to boost defense efficiency
  4. squares that are cut off from the capital will have decreased HP and become easier to conquer
  5. make teams have different colors!

  1. Definitely not. This disadvantages the teams that think tactically, without stopping either the sandbagging teams or the heavy-spending teams that overwhelm the leagues they’re in.

    I’d rather see a wider range of real estate values, so that a team could succeed by taking lots of cheap territory, or a little high-value territory, or some combination with monuments.

  2. This could go either way. On one hand, it means that you can fight back in a more practical fashion; on the other hand, this could make it impossible for smaller teams to take hexes from more powerful opponents without mega-spam.

    I’d rather see mechanisms for territory healing - say, a healing rate based off the number of surrounding allied hexes.

  3. I like the tactical value. But I wonder at how it could be done fairly. If it’s done based on how long a team holds a hex, it gives an even greater advantage to teams that can be online at the very start of the event (which would benefit me, but not so much some of the teams I see that are heavily non-US). If instead, you let forts be built based on some form of resources, you give an even greater advantage to the heavy spenders and sandbaggers that are causing the problems.

    I think I’d rather see conquest bonuses, like in KOTH, so that smaller teams could gain some sizable chunks of points, even if they were surrounded by an overpowered opponent.

  4. I think you’d get some very weird effects with fluctuating HP here. And I think it would tend to benefit the most powerful teams more than the weaker ones. Depending on the power of the effect, you’d either get an almost unnoticeable effect, or you’d make it even easier for a large team to counteract any progress by a smaller one. After all, it’s not the heavy spenders and sandbaggers who can be easily cut off from their capitals.

    I’d rather see a capital bonus, I think. The hexes 1-2 away from your capital take reduced damage if you own them, and you deal additional damage attacking them. This would make it harder for teams to be surrounded, and easier for them to break out.

  5. Good idea. It’d be nice to have clearer delineations of who owns what, without having to click on each team individually.


Hmm, what if the real estate value was based on the team’s victory points - teams with 1 hex are worth virtually nothing and teams owning lots of hexes have bonus value. Maybe a 10% boost for every n hexes (5, 10?). It would incentivize people to try and take down the big guys.

However, I think the biggest issue in positioning, and this can only be fixed with a mechanism to be able to move your capital.

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