Suggestion for lumber/food trade and a clock

Hi Dragon Lords,

I just wanted to share my ideas with you. What do you think about these 2 ideas?

A Team has place for 50 members, and mostly these members are not from same timezone. So it can cause some problems when you wanna do a war wave, or just an attack over Atlas. I know there is a war clock on the right side, where you can see how many hours left etc. BUT my Suggestion is a real clock. on the top right or left. This would help so much. And also giving the Players the option to Change the timezone. For example you can go to the Settings and select a different timezone PST , CET ,…

So a Team could say to all members to select the timezone PST, to make it easier when the attacks or other stuff will start.

Everyone knows sometimes we just have too much lumber. My Suggestion for this would be a trade system for lumber and Food.

For example you put 100k lumber in it, and get 100k Food back? Of course you need to pay for this :slight_smile: My idea was just using the Atlas Gold for it? Rubbies would not make sense for it, cause there is other stuff to buy for rubbies. but we could use our Gold.

That would mean:
I wanna trade 100k lumber into Food.
Every trade cost 1 Gold. That would mean I need to pay 100k Gold for trading 100k lumber or Food.
But trading takes more time, so instead of normal Transfer which takes 20 minutes, I think 30 minutes would be ok.

Result: I want 100k Food , put my 100k lumber and 100k Gold into the trading system. And after the 30 minutes i will get it back?

What you think



I like this system. With the team banks I don’t think it’s as needed, but it’s welcome.

I agree with Red. The clock is a FANTASTIC idea!

Only issue with your other suggestion is what about teams who aren’t in Atlas? We don’t get gold :neutral_face:

Team Banks are great, if their are officers who are following every member with their Transfers etc. The trade System would be something Special, it would have nothing to do with the Team. Player can trade his own stuff, just for feeding Dragons or Building a Tower.

True, but their is no other item to use for paying. I dont think that PG will create wardragon coins for that =) I hope the rolling out Atlas will go faster. And if would be maybe something Special just for higher leagues (with Atlas??). Not Sure, just idea.

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