Suggestion for next dragon season

Here is a suggestion for next season’s dragons.

I would like a dragon with a passive special ability. The special ability would be a one time attack that happens automatically before the attack starts and deals a certain fixed amount of damage to all the towers on the base. The amount of damage would be equal to 5% of the health of the strongest tower on the base. The attack would then start after the one time damage is applied. If any towers are killed by this attack, the attacking dragon’s start placement would be moved up accordingly, just like the starting position of follower dragons depends upon where surviving towers are located.

This would basically have no effect on kill islands. It would just do 5% damage (which could be healed by a defender) . Big whooptydoo. But the real reason that this would be the hottest dragon in town is what it would do to the little towers. It would kill rage drains and entrance totems and cause the attacking dragon’s start position to be moved up to the first “real” towers. That would make it the hottest lead dragon in the business for atlas attacks, mega attacks during Gauntlet, war runs, and basically anything where speed matters or defenders are likely to use the rage drain.

This would profoundly influence base design. At a minimum bases would be forced to put one stronger tower at the entrance if they wanted to force you to have to fly the whole thing. And at least a couple of the rage drain mages would need to be upgraded to make sure they are available for war defenses, etc. It would also make you think about this when upgrading your base, making the strategy of the game more rich and intricate.

For example, if you were the proud owner of a level 60 earth flak as your strongest tower with HP 11,841,097 then the one time damage dealt would be equal to 592,054. Mage towers on the rage drain island would have to be level 32 or higher to survive the one time damage.

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So my extra lvl 50 mage tower would be safe up front… and still make u fly the entire base right :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Oh wait its already there :roll_eyes: :woman_shrugging:

Also they are probably already working or almost finished on fall dragons by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Assuming Strong = more HP and Farms are included, any “underleveled” player with strong farms are doomed :see_no_evil:

What would be the point? You would just damage towers (probably kill nonessential towers), kill any potential anchor for a backer, and take up a spell spot.


:thinking: Spell suggestion…
Perhaps revived “old spells”

  1. Variants of Empowered Heat Shield (the one with Radiance effect).
  2. Piercing breath (for hunters? :eyes: )
  3. Apophet’s nightfall variants.
  4. Southern Cross (smaller scale, less rage?)
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Having a dragon that deals a % of damage based on any factor that is not directly tied to the dragon is a terrible idea. (Why do you think C2D family of spells is considered broken by some?)

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I seriously doubt that. They usually don’t finish until after the season starts.

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Still, since they need GPF to test them, I believe that they must have finished the spell mechanism weeks before. All they need is some adjustment.

I’m pretty sure if you follow the streams at all… they mentioned they have the basics of these dragons down weeks and weeks before release :woman_shrugging:


In fact I’m pretty sure they already started with the season next to this (winter? Always confusing for me in the south hemisphere)


How you guys sing “Dashing through the snow, in a 1 horse open sleigh” while wearing shorts is just as baffling to us. :slight_smile:

I will be sad if we don’t get our Reindeer Dragon festive. Who do we have to bribe to get a red nose portrait as well?

We don’t, we sing (&dance) Samba :man_dancing:t4:
(not me, horrible dancer, a tree has more swing than me)

Us Canadians do it too.
In 2’ deep snow, but the shorts comment still stands


That looks an awful lot like Tarand, although he had scales and a regular nose.
(Winter 2016 seasonal.)


Maybe they could update him to fart candy canes and tinsel?

You are mistaken. By now the dragons are modelled and ready to be tested it takes about 8 weeks for this stage). Creating dragons takes the best part of a season and by the end of this season they will start working on the Winter season, at least on ideas.
Pretty sure certain teams on the design side are working on the next season already, as their work is done for the current season

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Think I have a set of antlers with multi-colored lights for mine and a red nose for someone, don’t think I could put both on him but maybe.

Couple of silly hats too. I really wanted a mullet at one point but then I got Trumpy dragon (err, I mean Leos) so that kind of covered the bad hair thing.

I would believe that they have finished the ARTWORK for the upcoming dragons already…but I highly doubt they have gotten their spells finalized. And they most certainly haven’t gotten the code for those spells working and tested (that is the part that is usually still going on for a few weeks after the dragon is released)

Or even a few weeks left in the season. Surt Surt Surt. :rofl::rofl::rofl: