Suggestion for next Gaunlet event

It’s too late for this event which has been a bit of a disappointment so far, but for the next time this event is run can the spawn times for the pvp islands be moved forward an hour so they are playable? At present it only gives one maybe two pvp islands a day for Friday and Monday and none on Tuesday. Currently they spawn at 2am, 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 11pm which only gives the 8pm and maybe the 11pm that aren’t when sleeping or at work. An hour forward would give at least 3 for Monday and one for Tuesday.
The time for the energy cost reset has a similar issue for Tuesday - having it at 9am makes it too late to get any additional energy and points for the day.

Dunno why this is even a thing, gauntlet, worst pvp ever.

More frequent pvp islands though might improve interest in the event.

Yeah it would help to get team scores up. Personal points aren’t too hard since the top pve islands gives out close to or better points anyway. Just a bit annoying that can’t take part in the team part of event since they’re all at unplayable times anyway.

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Wouldn’t moving things an hour just screw over the people in the next time zone just as much?


Yeah, you’re probably right on that. Just getting feed up with the disadvantages the timing / time zone choices for this game gives.

Suggestion : disable major event and instead enable atlas pvp event.

Or give the option at least for players to choose eg kingpoacher or other pvp event would have been obv better

It might work for those that have atlas, but they’d need to finish it first and give it to everyone first. plus come up with some way of levelling the playing field again since those that have already got access to the beta have huge advantage again.
As Souldier47 mentioned this morning, changing it to being more frequent might help. And changing the reset back to 24/12/etc hours from when you spent the energy packs rather than a fixed time each day.

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Simply as i said make it an option. Guess some ppl like spending $2k to get $40 of prizes, I’m not one of them

Yep, miss read that bit where you said as an option rather than another option, sorry.
But yeah, I don’t spend more than the $7 for elite each month, and don’t want to play another game that you have to spend ridiculous amounts to play. What I do spend is just so the devs get something for a game I enjoy playing. Since I’m in the same job, I know the effort it takes to write and support software so don’t mind paying a bit.
Thread was just to suggest ideas to improve event, and because the timing of some bits makes the game frustrating to unplayable at times.

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complaining about event times? while everybody in europe has to stay up till midnight for every event to get the “head start”, all Americans just come back from work and start playing… or the russians, who dont get any sleep if they want to score as soon as the event starts…


People sleep…?

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Considering that the PG office for War Dragons is locating in San Fransico, CA it makes sense for the events to start when they do. They need people on hand to fix the game when it inevitably blows up at the start of events.

So they start working on the afternoon? Interesting

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sure thing, they just adjust the eventstarts to their timezone. i would do the same. you have to start it at some time ^^, but people living on the american continents should protest the least, when it comes to times / timezones, since they got the home advantage esp. (or only important?) when it comes to the start of each event.

Events always start while I’m still at work since I’m in the same timezone as PG headquarters :laughing: It makes trying to sneak on to spend rss at the start of Fortification and Feeding events loads of fun.

Maybe. But there’s probably also a bunch of stuff that they need to do in order to get an event rolling when it does in the first place. So mornings would likely be spent getting all the code set up and in place. Launch in the afternoon. Workers would be on hand to fix any issues that arise when the events go live.

I’m not American I’m a Kiwi. And I know the issue Europe has as it’s the exact same one I’ve got since Europe’s 12 hours out from NZ. They has the same issue of only one pvp island appearing at a playable time - they just get the bonus of a 9pm event start instead of a 9am start.

Thanks for that. Yeah looks like the start times are fixed unfortunately. That’s why I was suggesting altering the times of the pvp islands or changing the timing between them - hourly or every 2 hours for example.

The code is written the events are done. They just load them.

It’s not that they will code the event from scratch every Wednesday :rofl:

Well, I don’t know how they do things :laughing: But it’s clear they aren’t going to change what they do anytime soon :joy:

Fact is it’s an American game and the events start at a time where it’s most comfortable for Americans.

An Europe Gaming company would do the same so I don’t blame them.

Is it fair? No. But that’s the price you have to pay for playing a global game.

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