Suggestion for stones to be released for past season dragon

After being disappointed by the past couple of season warriors, why not bring back old dragons? Petition for all evolution stones to be released up to vanguard for Abraxxas, the best warrior in game right now. Learning curve is steep but can easily blow past level 50 towers at his current cap.


Looking forward is no longer as logical as holding on to the past. Those bittersweet memories!


I agree, there were some fun dragons in the past. Some way to get to advance a choice dragon of the past would be too nice to be a realistic expectation.



This is trollception

I’m so confused.

You just don’t see Abraxxas’s True Potential! Heathen! :triumph:

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Exactly! Fantastic spell set to fly with for a warrior.


while we are at it… we surely NEVER EVER discussed this thing here: why not give the possibility to have old lineage dragons in upper tiers! I want to start a petition for a Vanguard Stone for Hauheset.

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Pointless, they’re going to nerf Hau and release yellow mages to counter his rewind.


Hm. Who are you and where have you kept grumpy? You’re missing a badge and a few thousand posts. :face_with_monocle:

You also sound somewhat familiar; or I’ve just been too exposed to the weird side of forums.

They just rolled back my account, explains the missing posts.

Nah, there can be no one like me!

Bit late, Byuuri. :confused:


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Bah busted…


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