Suggestion - Forgeable Sigils

Suggestions to be able to forge 25 - 10 sigils at a time in the forge, takes 5 hours. Makes getting starter legendaries/discounts 4 beginners easier and lets the less active ppl have better chances of getting seasonal dragons.

Open to suggestions.

That’s literally nothing 5 sigils 5 hrs that’ll be a waste of time to forge


24x7=168 sigils a week
This is like 2K sigils a season which is almost nothing.
Personally, I feel that there are more important things to work on atm


Agreed. Somewhere between 15 and 25 is what i’m thinking of, or else people would just log in everyday to keep the forge running and get all the legendaries without even touching the events…

Technically timers are something too worry about as say add on spells because spells help give you a boost through bases and assault and timers help your base


If you want sigils, get a good team and participate in events. Simple as that.


I get timers all the time from events (Dunno if that’s just for me), and the spells doesn’t seem that useful if you have an event dragon or if you spam healing potions. I personally just put on inner fire whenever I do a Wildfire run…

One of the reason i’m suggesting this too. Some people just can’t find a team that’s too active, and some are officers in theirs (like me) and can’t leave just whenever they wish. My team is gold and have barely any active people above lvl 40, and I have to manage them alongside 3 other officers and the leader. Our team kicks the inactive guys too, so the people cycles too.

When you get big enough there’s teams for you to join. Just focus on growing and possibly forging timers till you can find a good P4+ team to join (cough Creators Cough)


One of the officers said the team was on platinum 2 or something a while ago, but people just go inactive and get kicked…

Sry if I seems to be ranting. Just thought this is a useful thing to add and I typically fiercely defend my ideas (the 2 of them).

Or you can look for teams that are willing to merge with you or you merge with them.


If there are only a core few of you left you should look for a team to merge into, alot of teams have spaces for 3 or 4 some have even more spaces hiding behind alts.
I know this isn’t what you asked but will give a big boost to what you need. Look/post in LFT if you like the idea.


Then just do well individually. You get sigils from the individual prizes as well. Sigils aren’t something you should be able to get without putting in any effort.


That sounds cool, ill ask my superiors.
See if there’s any willing teams out there

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Indeed they aren’t, however it takes a lot of dedication to get a mythic and a lot of people have to pay for them, while for some lower lvled players it’s hard to get evolution stones for legendaries, rendering them useless when the player is higher and need to fight more powerful enemies (No, there’s way too many dragons for each of them to be resurrected and is way too expensive to be worth it). The suggestion is just a supplement to the main prizes to help out player with lower level/getting their first mythic.

Forging sigils will just be a waste of forge space. Depending on your guild/activity/and level, you can earn a few hundred sigils. 5 hours in an event is bound to earn you a decent amount of sigils, regardless of your league.
Forge is more useful for timers and dragon boosts.


It could be a useful thing in Fortification Frenzy or events like that, to get some extra sigils since that’s when dragons are least used. And I dunno if it’s just me, but my timers aren’t really used outside Breeding and Fortification, while I just have just tons of dragon boots lying around. Currently my forge is just used to produce excess amounts of Rejuvenates and Death Gazes that aren’t being used at all (My experience btw, dunno what the other ppl are doing with these stuff that i just have lying around). Also, if you log in often to grind points and rewards,(which I assume people with lots of sigil rewards are doing) there’s also daily prizes which give a lot of spells.

Trust me when I say you need a lot of timers unless you have 100K days of them saved up


i actually almost DO surprisingly enough (almost, 125+ 12 hour timers and hundreds of the other ones).

They carry me through the longest build times just fine.