Suggestion : Free Chests

Most people know of the free chests. They’re these free bronze/silver chests you get in the season events. But this system is only limited to bronze and silver chests. What if they also extended to Draconic, Gold and Platinum chests? The time to wait for a free chest would be scaled according to rarity, for example a player gets a free gold chest every 1 week, a draconic chest every month, and a platinum chest every 2 months. This would benefit new players as they also have a chance to get better chests.

If you fly your treasure hunt runs like a good little grinder then you’ll have plenty of “free” chests.

That said, here’s MY suggestion:


That :point_up_2: would be his/her ONLY buff, but in exchange for not adding anything of battle use to your dragon, you’d gain a 2x edge on drops during event runs.


They also drop gold chests, but not very often.

Tbh there are a lot better ways to spend your time than grinding chests.

Like what? What do you sugest to use time on ?

Kill troops and gain glory in Atlas. Claim prices from those lines. They give a decent amount of timers and token. Plus you get the usual chest drops on top of that.


From the daily dragon missions, you are getting a basic free gold or platinum chest once in a while