Suggestion: gear shard trading

Are we seriously discussing ANOTHER suggestion for players trading currencies? It’s just the same topic re-skinned and revived over and over.


correct lol it has been beat around the bush so many times but i would still hand them scrolls lol

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Heh… i have more for 3 elements.

If this happens, im gonna exploit the faq outa it so i can spend even less time on my alts. :grin:

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I do have a few suggestions to tweak this

  1. Instead of a currency, there’s a maximum amount ‘slot’/s that limits how much shards they can put up for trading. For example, you put up an offer of shards then select what shards you’d like to receive in exchange and be able to set a minimum. The offer will be available for 24 hours. Other players will place a bid for it, they can augment their offer with other color shards. At the end of the 24 hours, the bid with that offers the highest amount of shards that is desired will be automatically selected OR, before 24 hours ends, the player will be able to see available bid offerings and choose which one they prefer. e.g. Someone was willing to give you 300k wind shards for 250k ice shards but there’s another offer at 250k wind shards and 1M Fire shards, which you also happen to need; if you logged on earlier. After the exchange happens, there’s 24 hour wait to be able to put out another offer. Between waiting times, the player can look at other available offers to bid on but can only make a maximum number of attempts. All shards put out on bids that one did not win are returned to the player.
  2. Open it up to the 5TA. Everyone in the team has access to the same castles so it would likely be that everyone is looking for the same element of shards :joy:

Execution Options:
A) Add a button in the bank or somewhere in the atlas interface
B) Let us access it in the main game via Port; this opens up the potential to bring the feature to non-atlas teams as well.
C) New Atlas Infra called the “Plaza” - the higher the level of the plaza, the more bids players can make. … yeah this is redundant with the bank. Just go with option A or B

edit: tl;dr no need for a token currency, just ‘cool downs’ between trades and attempts

3 million of one particular shard is nothing when you started leveling up your gears… also, trading of any sort will not be allowed by PG as it is prone to abuse and hacks

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that pg’s incapable of blocking ahead.*

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