Suggestion: How to possibly make breeding easier



  • 1000 fragments starting price for sapphire mythic
  • garnet comes out -> 10% off sapphire cost -> 900 fragments for sapphire mythic
  • emerald comes out -> 10% off -> 810 fragments
  • obsidian comes out -> 729 frags
  • harbinger comes out -> 656 frags
  • vanguard comes out -> 590 frags

If this was implemented and applied retroactively, sapphire cost would basically drop to 59% of the original price.


who need token anymore beside research, breeding event happen once a month. Then what does mystic fragment for?
breed>pvp>fort>pvp …> breed

I would like to suggest having a building that level it up will increase the egg token the mission give
like at level 1 you get 20 for novice mission then at level 2 you would get 40. This could be a feature of breed castle so at max level if would give more


Forgot that Legendary is rescaled as well.

But that will only show that time is the wall. Almost nothing is changed…


Oh I agree that the wall needs to come down, but I think making breeding a gating mechanism would prevent players from extreme overleveling, thus ending the need/requests for an “instabreed” token.

Edit - not saying I’m against some sort of instabreed token, it’d be an interesting prize for the breeding event. 1st place finishing team in each subleague in each breeding event, each member of that teams gets a token to redeem for 1 lineage dragon that they are currently able to breed, redeemable within the next 30 days by contacting support, who removes the token and credits the player with the required number of Mystic fragments to breed the highest tier Mythic that the player has unlocked at that time.


But wait!!! I don’t understand. The irony :see_no_evil:


Sooooo…I’ve made incredibly detailed proposals (especially on breeding) the past few months.

Simply reducing the costs because we want them isn’t an argument PG will listen to. You need to go in depth into balance and why it would be good for the game. “It feels good” isn’t a reason enough for Pg.

Basically: want them to do something, show a ton of data and numbers for it. Even then it’s a long long show. :disappointed:


:thinking: I think the problem is because the levelling is based on the assumption (by PG) that you would build Towers all through the Islands.


Good point. Hadn’t thought of that. #PGLovesLongBases



If only we can use Plat tier as base…

Sapphire and Garnet will slightly be cheaper I guess…


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