Suggestion ignoring players

This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.I suggest you restore my account like I was promised !! Ignoring your players by shutting down their help tickets doesn’t encourage me to play it his game and you will be losing my money I spend and n elites etc !! Shameful to ignore a players tickets requesting help

Yeah, that seems like the way to go about getting them to help you, make demands and then threats, instead of perhaps explaining the issue and requesting assistance with it.
Like I get being angry about being ignored but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about getting their attention to help you. You’re kind of setting your bridge on fire here while still standing on it.

I dont know what’s going on with support but it’s not just you. I put in a ticket 2 days ago and have yet to get a response. Who knows, maybe they’re swamped with tickets about assault cheaters, the glory event prize messup and the mythics still being broken. Perhaps they’re not ignoring you and answering tickets is moving especially slowly and some tickets get autoclosed. Maybe try opening a new one first.


Not quite sure what this is guy is trying to say.

Is his account banned and he wants the ban revoked?

Or is this about another missing rewards thread?

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Im sorry. Not trying to be rude when I say this, but why would we…

When we could just make a thread about what we suggest?
Adding it to this thread would seem like a huge mess and alot of people talking about different topics. And also our suggest or whatever would get lost in the posts, but a thread dedicated to that suggestion alone would be an easier way for pg to see it.
Im not trying to be rude to you or anything, your idea is a good idea. But sadly it wont go as you planned.

That’s just an auto message

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