Suggestion - Island / Tower Balancing

I’m a level 300+ player and have my share of powerful towers. I also have a ton in storage because of the ever changing new towers and the advantage of only having fewer strong towers vs many weaker ones. That’s why some people only have 1 island bases.

I would like to propose that either;

  1. increase in tower attack/HP be +5% each level up instead of +10% so that they don’t get too strong too fast.
  2. make cost of towers and clocks 1/2 price
  3. make some “defensive bonus buff” that each island that is fully filled increases the power of all other islands. you could even make this a totem that you level up.
  4. make sort of “endurance buff” that makes a dragon weaker over time the longer it flies over all islands.

Any of those or a combination of them would incentivize people filling all their islands sooner with weaker towers rather than only building on 1 or 2 islands. With all these new turret and flak towers, you’re making older towers obsolete in a game that does not even give us a way to scrap them towards building materials or clocks for other towers and that is not really fair.

Just my 2c.

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Why reward bad building?


Yeah I agree, why would you want to promote bad building?
I think it’s fine with the short bases that various players have set up already. We don’t want 4.0 Balance Changes all over again.

Building short bases doesn’t really give you the strategy of fully utilizing your towers and runes. Having an island with mostly just lightning towers and boosts would be a lot more fun vs trying to cram a variety of towers on 1-2 islands. That would limit you to just 1-2 lightning towers. There’s just a lot more possibilities. It also balances out dragons more.

The game was originally intended to allow strategy for tower placement and boosting towers with runes. Now everyone’s base more or less looks the same and it gets very boring. Also you can have the shortest base in the world, suddenly a new crop of towers come out and the old ones are obsolete. At least if there was an incentive to have all your islands filled you wouldnt’ feel like you just wasted all your resources building obsolete towers.

Now that I think about it, I would love to see 2 totems:

  1. OFFENSIVE - that would buff all islands +X % attack and HP for every fully built island. Like an “Island Fury Totem”
  2. DEFENSIVE - that would buff all dragons -Y % health over time as they fly over longer bases. Like a “Poison Cloud Shield Totem” for your entire base.

You could level them up and the more you level them up, the longer you can build out your base. If you’d rather have a short base, then no need to build them or level them up.

It would be nice to have more strategy and more creativity in base building and planning rather then the same boring base we see over and over.

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What you just described are base rider effects :man_shrugging:


So for example,

The “Island Fury Totem” could be +X% HP / Attack for every fully built island. So if you leveled it to +2% and you have all 7 islands filled you would get +14% HP / Attack for all towers on your entire base. Obviously the buff couldn’t be too much too fast. It could be in increments like +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, etc… up to 3% or something.

The “Poison Cloud Shield Totem” could be like -Y% dragon health every 10 seconds or something, but in a smooth drain not in staggered ticks. It could be in increments of like -.25%, -.50%, etc. up to 4% or whatever. So if it takes 90 seconds to take out a long base and your totem is at -2%, it would drain all attacking dragons a cumlative -18% health over the entire time they are attacking your base.

I get what you’re saying but it’s still rewarding bad building. Have you ever seen in any real life situation where spreading out is better than concentrating power? Even the physical world disagrees with your approach lol.

What I’d like to see is certain tower combinations produce certain effects. This will inject variety into the game without fundamentally changing the game dynamics.

So, eg when you put an archer with a ice perhaps the archer gets a ice shock boost which can stun the dragon. Or if you have a dark flak with a cannon the dark flak can break shields. :man_shrugging:


Sure something like that could work too.

I guarantee you that everyone has towers they spent good wood and clocks on they regret building and are stuck with. And with no way to cash them out or recycle it’s a shame to have storage full of obsolete towers that you can’t use or get credit for.

even if you built the shortest base in the world there will come a time when more and more towers are released where you’ll wish you could either build out your base longer or cash in older obsolete towers and recycle them somehow.

I seem to remember someone suggesting this and then someone replied with “why reward bad base” on the old forum months ago.

Don’t know if it’s just me or what.

I agree there are definitely optimal bases, always. However, they do change over time and as new releases happen. I’m sure the optimal base will change again…

This is where a recycle options or something would be better, so we can adjust our bases as we desire and not face huge penalties… this will also cause more people to test ideas and theories on bases.

Short bases used to be the best, like main island plus the first small island. Max out towers and don’t move to middle island, now that’s not true. New dragons like Necx, Noc, etc just shut down bases that are too short.

Now you see people using both small islands and the middle islands optimally. I’m sure, this will change again…

Not a terrible suggestion for maxed bases…since lvl 500s all have long bases because having a short one is just dumb if towers are maxed
NO we don’t need more totems. We have enough elemental ember towers :unamused:

Now I don’t have a max base, but I’d be willing to bet a level 60s short base with rage drain setup is harder to take down than a base with all tower slots filled.

To prove you wrong, I have 0 towers I regret building.
Extra towers in storage: 2 Lvl 1 Lightning Towers and 1 Lvl 1 Ballista
This was used for the quest (15 rubies I think) and testing lightning tower range. On my main, I have loads of towers that I’ve built and aren’t used but I’ve decided on one final base (@coach base with few tweaks ) and I’m 100% happy with it. I do regret building the other towers but it’s not a big deal tbh

My point is if they keep making new types of towers that are better than previous towers, you have a few choices:

a) skip the new advanced towers all together and keep leveling up your old fashioned towers that are weaker. (which is a disadvantage in tower strength)

b) try to integrate the new advanced towers as well in addtion to your older ones, and ultimately make your base longer (which is now a disadvantage since the game favors shorters bases)

c) put your older bases in storage in favor of the newer advanced ones and keep older weaker towers in storage (which is a disadvantage).

so either way you are disadvantaged when newer tower designs come out and the game still favors shorter bases. if they want to keep releasing new tower designs, then they should also have a mechanism to trade in old towers or make the game favor longer bases. otherwise it’s unfair for people who invested in leveling up older type towers.

Ooooooo. I like!

I do think there should be some sort of way to recycle your towers, with a penalty of course.


Just pointing out that this isnt true.

Ideally it would be true that a longer base is better, in reality it isnt even with maxed towers due to a few reasons;

(time for defenders to join, distance between islands, limits on mages, limits on number of supershots, etc)

They do however have longer bases, but generally avoid island 7&8


I see many maxed bases with islands 7+8. Maybe this is just to get extra levels of points in fort :joy: and I meant the second perch island. Don’t see many lvl 400+ with only 2 islands?

Most players would shift their bases by mid 100s to look like this

                    X X
                    X  X

          Z.  Z
          Z.  Z
          Z.  Z
          Z.  Z

Y. Y
. X
Y. Y

Where X are mages for rage drain, Y are farms and mills

When they approach 330 the x island is changed for towers

When approaching 370 the Y island is changed for towers


Having a bonus stack for all islands built on is a great idea… I’ll just put those shitty ones out and never upgrade them anyway so I get the max bonus :+1: