Suggestion : Make dragons skill based

IMPORTANT : For lower levels, this does not apply.
I’m getting really tired of people breezing through well designed bases just because they own a stupidly OP dragon. You know about Hauheset. This dragon takes time to be mastered and be used to its full potential. How about all dragons be like Hauheset/Hauhezen ( Not talking about their time travel ability )? Instead of people spamming dragons like Krelos’s Speed Demon + Take That! + Tail Smash to obliterate red mages, they could be similar to Hauheset/Hauhezen. Powerful abilities that are very strong, but take time to master the skill of using them.

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The reason for this suggestion not applying to Lower Levels is because the weaker players don’t really know how to play the game yet, so they can take their time mastering War Dragons using non-skill based dragons and eventually going up to the powerful ones.
Just to clarify : The Skill-Based dragons when used to their full potential should be much much stronger than the spammy dragons.

Yes actually. Dragons like SW, Jaalkan, hunters-Gilas/Helm are actually very easy to fly and don’t take skill at all. /s

Lower skill dragons like Kinn, or Noc are still really good but die to a well defended here a lot-or at least they struggle

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Why you had to chuck SW in there? It’s a nuke every 3s. Doesn’t even need rage. Such a dumb dragon.


Would love some defending tips against Nockmar, because as it is now when I see that dragon flying I’m tempted to just rage quit the defense lol. He just freezes everything, super shots don’t have a chance to go off, and by the time the freeze is over or nock is in range of some other towers he just freezes everything again.

I’ve just accepted that bases will be completely undefendable for the next few months, better fly fast guys


Exactly why dragons should take skill to be used. Less spammed dragons flying all around the place
Edit : Nockmar’s Doom Call could receive a rework. Instead of { Deals (0)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to nearby towers and freezes nearby towers for (4) seconds. Affected towers take 25% increased damage. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 4s. }, it should be { Destroys a random tower and freezes random towers around it. Maximum towers is 2. Freeze duration is the same, Cooldown is the same. } This might be a bit overkill though

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Still harder than nock, and was trying to get some of the latest dragons lol

And why not make a dragon that directly dies when a defender enters?

There are also and above all many defenders who do not know how to defend, who do not seek to know the weaknesses of dragons and limit themselves to activating the SS and putting boost

I have a recent example where I ended up with a defenseman on a 120b base. I was with kinnarix.
I arrive on island 5 it takes 3 ss (a blue mage, a red mage and a storm) … Kinnarix with his protection spell avoids the SS and kills the blue when the storm stops. The last 2 SS were put on lightning in the bottom of the island 4 the problem is that I added a lightning protection spell on kinnarix … Basically I went easily while with the config of the base a good defender would have killed me almost certainly.

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I back someone triple d with steelwing while flying with no rage it’s bullshit

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I would argue that yes, those two are very easy to fly and way too strong for how easy they are

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Yeah but you are a good flyer :rofl:. Where do we draw the line anymore for the good of the masses? How do we define that line? By max bases getting taken by the best flyers? By average flyers taking bases their own level single defended? What even is an “average flyer” anymore?

We all want our bases to be unbeatable with defenders yet we want to have fun attacking bases and have the feeling of succeeding. It’s a lose lose situation



While dragon design and ease of use may make certain dragons seem OP…it really depends on the person flying, the base research, and the flier research.

I personally drop Jaal, nockmar, and Kinn 60-70% of the time when defending. There are a few people who seem unstoppable. Those people are also the people I expect would be unstoppable even with a skill dragon that takes months to learn.

Jaal is not an easy dragon…takes precision and timing to master and the same with Nockmar. Steelwing i have hardly seen anyone in game using…but invokers are my kryptonite and I avoid them like a bad habit.

Personally the dragons of late seem to be fairly balanced at endgame tiers…and what really comes down to is all the additions that can be made to improve the dragon…

What if PG designed a dragon that was skill based and required all research be done for it to be considered good. How many people would hate it and complain because its not balanced?

I have no research done for warriors and Nockmar is decent. I can take max bases undefended…those 120B+ bases. But with defenders I will fail. Others who have all the research might be able to succeed. Does that make the dragon OP or balanced?

If dragons cant take a base when all things are equal then what is the point of attacking at all?


Maybe we have just been playing too long :pensive:. The “meta” has swapped from teamwork to take down bases to “how fast can we kill bases”…

I miss flying hau and noctua and redrian on harder bases, leaving towers behind for my backer. Do that style now and boom, lose massive amounts of troops.


It’s not that hard to shoot him down tbh. Because I’m difficult and I don’t like telling people how to kill my dragons… Fly a few runs with him in atlas. Record, rewatch and see what kills you over and over again. Do that on your base :slight_smile:


Are you suggesting that all dragons should be difficult to fly? Or that the difference in strength should be larger than it is?

Anyways, WD is a game that requires a lot of gametime if you want to play at a certain level. Doing your event runs, your atlas glory runs and gold runs on a daily basis takes quite alot of time if you are doing it for free, or with elite only.

And you kinda HAVE to do those things, if you want to catch up, or keep up to the endgame play.
Unless you pay offcourse…

I have NO skills what so ever when it comes to flying. Or defending for that matter…but ive grinded my way to now endgame dragons, and max towerlevels using “easy to fly” dragons.

There are however alot of bases that i simply cannot beat, due to my said crappy skills… As it should be. Its not like i can auto fly my dragons on endgame. Certainly not with capable defenders.

Thing is… i havent got the time that is needed to practice flying a dragons for hours and hours and hundreds of run every time a new dragon comes out… There is simply no way. In fact… i can hardly justify the time im spending in game as it is, with the regular (but necessary) runs.

If PG decided to make all dragons hard to fly, i would most likely quit the game… yes, i could prioritize differently, but that would have ment that i no longer would be able to keep up, and play at the level i want to.

I understand your frustration, i do… But there needs to be a way for people that arent skilled, to still be able to keep up…

Designing dragons that are perfectly balanced must be hell… Im not at all surprised that some dragons are OP, while others are crap. In a perfect world, the dragons strength would be perfect “in line” with how much skill it required, but with all the different types, skills and towers, thats just not possible.


Just imagine if we (the community) hadn’t insisted on them nerfing the Orrey…. :innocent: just sayin :wink:

Before they tinkered with it, we had a long rang, high speed tractor beam that zapped rage and made dragons skip entire islands.

Maybe their “new tower” will be something quirky like this

I wouldn’t have to worry about it because I’d have quit. The original Orrery was OP af and functioned has a huge nerf to everything but hunters