Suggestion Make The War Skull Glow RED for active incomplet wars on home page

Due to the fact some forget, some go off xping, or just don’t care, but if it glows as a reminder you didn’t complete it would be awesome in my opinion. Yes everyone should check or this or that, but hey we don’t live in a perfect world, real life clogs up the mind all the time, easily skipped if say reminders weren’t sent.

This way you see a notification of some color. Just my opinion :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry late night lol can’t spell :man_facepalming:t2:


Oh this is a good idea!! You know the “event” bouncy thing that points to the event tab when you log on? What if something similar pointed at the war icon?

I think that’d be really helpful. I also think if they add something (like a bouncy notification) over a color change, the leader should be able to toggle it on and off. I don’t need that for my team so it’d be a bother for the people waiting to do their attacks, but I also see how other teams need this so I’d just like the ability to turn it off.


Good idea, it hasn’t gone wrong for me yet, but it does happen that I found I left some wars for later in the day rather last minute. A color change should be enough to notice, and not so much it gets annoying if you intentionally left a war for later.

Already suggested here:


Really like the idea of the glowing icon. Might help remind people to do there war attack.

If they don’t care , I don’t think making something glow is going to change this.

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The bouncy thing on the event tab always seems so random to me. Is its bounciness a direct correlation to something needing attention in that tab because sometimes it bounces, sometimes it doesn’t.

How does one NOT remember to war? mind blown
Edit: I’d like a slamming door effect as well, for when people who forget war get kicked :eyes:.


Doesn’t the skull already change color when you haven’t done your war attack(s) yet? I don’t think color is going to help.

I like the bouncing war icon that doesn’t go away until you finish all of your war attacks.


Low level teams is your answer. Or people on vacation or just people who don’t notice. I’m in a plat 1 team and we still have 5-6 players that just won’t do it. Maybe the bouncy banner would help?

That sounds so frustrating. A lot of efforts go into war. Rude.

I really like this idea and would solve a lot of problems with chat notifications off etc. Maybe give the leader admin rights so no one else would be able to turn off untill complete. Wouldn’t get so many spammed on line then :joy:

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