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What if there was mini games where there were rewards like evolution stone fragments and black pearls as well as other more common rewards that can be built up the more the game is played. Various types of puzzles and other games that require the use of a dragon but each puzzle would be better suited for a dragon of a certain tup with certain skills or spells to complete it. The dragon can earn some exp as a reward as well but you can either earn the exp OR the other rewards. You can’t have both. Would this be and interesting thing to implement into the game at some point? The events and wars and level grinding is getting a bit too repetitive and boring.

Weekly raid missions

Please search before asking for PG to bring back old evolution stones… The ANSWER from PG is ALREADY a NO

Please close this thread any mod


I like the idea about chooseable rewards. I am not interested in Black Pearls (Have waaaaaayyyyy too many of those and Ice/For shards already) but having a couple of possible choices would be great.

As far as the evo stone, that’s a hard no from me. That has already been discussed many times. They are limited time, available only in season rewards for a good reason.

Nice idea about a different type of event. Do you mean puzzles like different base styles you need to solo or certain requirements you need to meet in one run?


I didn’t say it HAD to be Evo stones. It was a suggestion of Evo stone fragments. It’s a suggestion. I’m not saying it HAS to be anything.

Although it would be nice to be able to get Evo stones a little bit easier. Just a little bit. Not like instant or anything. Just a little.


I was thinking like different courses to fly a dragon through or a mind game that requires a certain type of dragon to make it work.


I also can;t get black pearls to save my life and it’s irritating.


At first I was like most of the “experienced” members of this forum thinking “Not another evolution stone thread!” But then I stopped and thought.

The OP didn’t mentioned old evolution stones, but an evolution stone broken into fragments (somehow like events used to be before seasons?). This made me realise this could be another way besides season or within season to get a stone without sigils. Aka minigames like a real “treasure hunt” for evolution fragments…

So I decided to give this idea a chance and not “jump at any throat” yet. If the evolution stone fragments were exclusively for a new Dragon, maybe not a Divine but an “adventurer” Dragon you can only get in minigames, why not? This could be fun!

I think this thread deserve a chance to thrive. Please moderators, don’t close this yet considering it another “evolution stone” thread. There may be more in this idea than meet the eye. And I like puzzles and riddles!

Thank you in advance :blush:


Thank you!

Like you have said, I just mentioned fragments of an evolution stone. Not whether it was old or new. Just stone fragments in general. But I have also mentioned other rewards as well like black pearls(which I have found are hard to get and I’m in need of tons of them) and other more common rewards. The mini-games could be helpful for the newer players as well as the older players to get resources that can be hard to get. Even if you only get so many as a reward, it’s still better than the chance of getting it in a chest in an event. Depending on what it is of course.

This idea came to me when I noticed how repetitive things seemed to have gotten in the game. It’s still fun and all but maybe something like this would add more to the game instead of just level grinding when there’s time between events and other things like that.

Overall, this idea deserves a chance like you said, Kardul. I appreciate your input on it.


I think this thread is about minigames, and while this subject has been brought up a little in other threads but drowned in other topics we should keep this one. But as you can see, old evolution stones are a very touchy subject so better just forget mentioning it and keep the idea of a brand new Dragon with evolution stone fragments to claim (because it’s a no from me as well :laughing:).

Allow me to bring some of my previous post on the matter of minigames…


Fragments of evolution stone means the prize tier will. Be extremely long if you want to go from green to obsidian… Plus this kinda reminds me of the old events for divine fragments


I’m not talking prize tiers like for events. I;m talking for like random reward drops or as a goal reward from the mini-game. As a goal reward it would be like for ‘play the mini-game so many times’ or ‘reach such n such level in the mini game’ and you get that fragment as a reward. It would be like an add on to the event that allows the players to get evo stones for a dragon from a season and not have to have any wait time between events to get the sigils.


However, you would still need the sigils for the rest of the event prizes and whatnot. It’s just a rough idea at best. The concept idea is good though.


Indeed, I thought it was similar to how events used to be to unlock Divine Dragons before seasons, but those ideas were deemed good enough before, why not recycle some of those ideas to create something new from something older? Atlas was a past event idea isn’t it?

I agree that evolving a dragon to very high tiers with evolution stone fragments may take long, but aren’t we all used to grind for resources, egg tokens or egg fragments, sigils and chests? This game is all about grinding to get rewards! And as I said previously I wouldn’t mind some new interesting addition in the game, and imagining what it could be is fun, even though hardly realisable…


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