@Suggestion @Moderators : Moderator thread only to highlight important posts for PG

@PGEggToken said something that made me wonder if the forum moderators could help. Maybe this is already in effect or just plain undoable…If so, my apologies and delete.
To help @PGCrisis and the other Employees tasked with this forum , is there a way the Moderators could have their own forum, (One where only they could post but the community could see) to round up the weekly highlights so they could go to one place? PGEggToken mentioned having to parcel through tons of posts in the effort of finding ones they can present to the team.

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That sounds like a lot of extra work for them. Like, an unreasonable amount of work for a volunteer position.

I think the community already expresses how important a thread is by posting a lot in that thread and tagging admins.

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Except for the Merc thread, that’s just a giant troll thread.


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