Suggestion - More Xp

Ever since blue tier I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my dragons up even just to breeding level. Haven’t experted out anything after Jura.

I’m suggesting that either the daily xp multiplier gets buffed to the stratosphere, or upping the base xp gain from hitting bases. Right now the most xp I can gain from a base is about 5 - 6k, which is nowhere enough to fuel Danzig’s 160k levelling requirements.

Green tier def sucks to level.
5-6K XP at your level already has been increased. Best thing you can do now is just keep leveling so dragons get more xp


Since PG has changed how xp is awarded, you can now hit any base that is your level or higher for maximum xp. One trick I would suggest is finding a base that is at least a few levels higher than you, and has no towers and hit that base. You can quickly farm xp for your dragons that way :eyes: It would help you grind for those required xp :hugs:


This, you’d want something that gives mersy and preferably ms before it if you’re under say 119.

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My Xp base is 88(26 levels higher than me) and only gives 6k per hit😭

Yeah, getting xp at that level kinda sucks, but a base without towers would make it a lot quicker/easier to stack the xp you can get.


Missions could give you an xp boost. If I was desperate for XP I’d try anything. Especially things I don’t need to work for and can just AFK grind.

Cough msmersy cough


Cookiepal will give you max xp


Good tips above, find a base like msmersy to allow you to get max xp with a single dragon, and do dragon missions for xp potions. But you’re absolutely right that it is a massive grind at those levels, it will get better once you hit level 80-90, but orange and green dragons are a big grind.


My max xp is 6 k…

:hugs: it will get better, promise. Definitely use those xp potions from missions whenever they make your life easier too, they will be too small to be worth anything in another few months so might as well burn them up.


All gone. Hundreds of Bottles O’Enchanting, dumped into Ettin’s gullet, and only pulled him up to lvl7

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I feel you, green legendaries are a crazy high anomaly in how many max xp runs you need to get them to breeding level. I totally agree that it should be altered, xp needed for green dragons should be lowered by about 75% in my opinion.

The only hope I can give is that green and orange are the only tier that are this bad, gold is loads easier, and it just gets easier to get dragons leveled from there on. Hang in there.


Yersinu better level fast.

It gets better. Now all my dragons are at enough xp for multiple levels but stuck do to the den. If you can join in on alliance attacks when you have the multiplier. The ally bonus is huge.

You are using the 100% or 200% xp boosts?
Not sure what level atlas rider kicks in but the atlas rider also gives bonus xp, but I do agree, the grind is real.

With my alt last breed I tried to get all the way through plat and first 2 sapphire, I ended up stopping because I looked up and realised I would have to run an extra 230 runs each for both kelvin and Vulcan (didn’t have any xp pots or xp multis. I tapped out after doing 1 of them. Couldn’t face more runs for a second

200%, ground my butt flat last Assault for them

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I cannot imagine someone going through both plat and sapphire in one breeding…