Suggestion: New Atlas Event

Hey guys/@PGDave/@pgEcho,

Building off an earlier idea that i had (Train troops again), figured id try to put something together for it to see what everyone thought. The goals would be as follows:

  1. Provide a way to be able to earn more shards from poachers
  2. Bring some PvE into a purely PvP world of Atlas
  3. Provide a way for smaller players and teams to use their primarchs/participate in glory hunting while not pissing off larger players/teams/alliances and not just sitting stagnant in the neutral zone building troops to no end
  4. Change things up a bit and have a bit of fun

I’ll say this right off the bat, that this is entirely up for discussions. Please try to keep it more positive than negative and come to the table with alternates and solutions if you are against certain points rather than saying "no it won’t work"
Atlas Team Gauntlet

  • Portals would open up in all NML’s, each team would have to first scan around and find their specific team’s portal (you can’t see other teams, just like the yellow portals of yesteryear) so it would be a small bit of a treasure hunt. Once you found this portal you would then travel there with your primarch of choice and use the portal and it would then transport you to a completely PvE realm that would look a bit like the below image.
    You would start in the neutral zone at the bottom left of the map

  • Once you were here, the gauntlet would be populated with Blackblood forces (amount TBD and balanced properly!) of increasing difficulty very similar to the current gauntlet. In no way shape or form would I be recommending easy ass bases like we see in gauntlet, more the style that we see in the new Kingdom wars. The bases would range from L20 up through L500 or so at the very end, and would scale appropriately so that only some of the top teams and players would be able to clear the T15 islands, most diamond teams would end up in the 13-14 mark, sapphire teams in the 10-12 mark and platinum in the 8-9 mark.

  • Each territory would have several castles (i’ve drawn in 5 to begin with, but maybe more of fewer are required). Each castle gives 1 poacher per region, but not all castles need to be defeated to progress to the next tier. So each territory would require 2 castles to be defeated, and smaller players on the team could continue to keep hitting the other castles at their leisure for VP for the team while the larger players moved on to new castles.

  • I’ve also marked in a maybe mechanic of being able to skip ahead to different sections of the map. I think that this may be a nice idea to implement the skipping ahead, whether it’s based on "take this passage if your team influence is over a certain amount, or if your teams average level is above X. I need your guys’ ideas on what current in game system could be used to indicate whether a team can skip ahead or not
    @Moonswirl has suggested these be linked to Team Achievements/scores so that once a minimum amount of players cross a certain event point threshold they open up, i think this is a fantastic idea personally but am always up for other ideas!

  • Now the part everyone is waiting for, poacher info. I’d honestly keep the same formula that is offered for standard regions, but kill the bonus % that teams earn (since it’s too much IMO). Teams that do better in this single event shouldn’t be restricted by their current holdings in the PvP section (atlas), rather everyone should be on equal grounds to earn shards at the same rate. That’s why i’ve kept the scaling the same.
    I’m not sure if each poacher in each land should give their own different type of shard, or if poachers should drop ALL shards at the same time. This could be a PG decision based on how many shards they want to give away but my initial thought is that if this event was run one time per month or 6 weeks in replacement of a troop building event, then it would essentially replace the kingpin event and ALL shards could be given for poachers with the same 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x, 1x multipliers per day. I’m sure the teams would use their multis on the highest tier land poachers and they would actually keep running poachers all the way back to near the start to earn GOOD SHARDS.
    Either way here is a table:

There are a few ways this could work:

  1. Glory based, wouldn’t be bad this way
  2. Each castle in each region would give #VP and it would accumulate the more islands you defeat but could end up in ties if teams cleared the entire gauntlet. This way i’d also like to include another integer for # of troops used or killed or something overall to give a distinct winner and 2nd place etc.

Individual scoring would be based off of castle guards killed. X castle guards for X prizes, or even a factor in there like all other events to keep the prizing tiers scaling the same (X castle guards = Y event point or something).

Either way this is something i’ve been giving a bit of thought, not sure how tough it would be for PG to create a separate region for each team (or use 1 region and just hide everybody else’ activity somehow?) but i’d like to hear your guys’ feedback on if this could be improved at all, scaled differently, included a few more key goals to the event etc



love the idea , as always you suprise us

I agree with Eff here. This amazing idea surprises us like always! PG should hire you as an event-idea-maker.

Sounds good! It would be nice to be able to target bases with a specific type of shard that you need.

This event would definitely help break up the 3 event rut Atlas is currently stuck in…

@pgEcho @PGDave something to think about? Would be a cool event for all team types - from the landless to Dread.

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Great idea!!!

i am not elf lol

Thanks guys for the support and positive feedback.

I’m definitely not taking the credit for the idea, it was all PG’s idea of a gauntlet, i’m just making suggestions on how to tweak the event for a different purpose :slight_smile:

I hope that I can receive some actual feedback as to if they want to explore something like this further (i’m more than happy and willing to work with them in any capacity they feel would benefit the game) or if they aren’t interested at all in this style of event.

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Unlike gauntlet, once you conquer a castle/island the blackbloods never retake it, right?

Another random question: are players able to refill their primarchs with troops in the neutral zone of the gauntlet, or will they need to exit the gauntlet to get more troops?

Good questions, i thought about a “take back” mechanism, or a degradation of the castle but then decided against it in the final version. It doesn’t really make sense if the castle guard amount is structured properly and with flying, people can just fly to their castles at the end anyways so cutting your path off isn’t productive. So overall, i think that these are more of a “you win it for the whole event” style castles.

Yes, players can refill their primarchs in the neutral zone as per standard Atlas rules. But summoning a new primarch will probably have to be done back in the PvP land, i’d suggest not being able to set your “home” to anywhere in the PvE area just so nothing glitches after the event ends. So recommended going back when your primarch gets low to avoid the resummon and re-portal to the event. BUT, as always what do you think about summon locations?


Yeah, I definitely think it would be good to avoid the issues that could arise with setting a gauntlet castle as home. Another thought came into mind as I was writting this. Would the Blackblood castles have their shield “bubble” disabled?

Sorry. Autocorrupt

That could probably be settled by forcing their fort level to be L0 but able to house castle guards, but then again it wouldn’t then be a blockade. Hmmm interesting little catch here. Yeah i’d agree that eliminating/raising the bubble amount to higher than the castle guards amount would be the easiest solution.

But good call on the bubble, didn’t really think of that.

I love all of this, it sounds like fun! This is just a suggestion and there may be things I haven’t thought about, but what if the skip ahead was based on the team achievement system? I.e. enough of your team must have reached a certain event score to skip ahead? This might allow players who are higher level on ambitious teams to move through to more level appropriate bases, while others could go through regular pathif skipping would take them to castle bases out of their range?


That is a great idea and would bring more players in to help the team out to be able to skip large sections of the map.

AKA if 20 player have a score of X in the event, then you can use the first passage way, then if 30 players have a score of Y in the event you can use the second passage way.

I actually really like that, it would prevent teams with a single larger player from dominating the event and ripping through it, bringing more effort in for team play.


I think this definitely sounds like the making of a fun event. Will definitely noodle around on it with some of the other ideas we trying to cook up. I really love the passion and suggestions that you guys have!


Great suggestion, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Here’s a small idea about handling the need to burn troops for prizes:

PvP events in the core game provide you with free energy that recharges over time. Do you think it would make sense to have a similat system in place for this Atlas version?
What about using the old code of the Kharnyx Fires and have it work like free energy?
You would get X Kharnyx Fires over a certain time frame for free that you could use instead of burning your own troops. If you want to do more, you can use your own troops just like buying more energy with energy packs in the core game PvP events.

What are Kharnyx fires? I’ve never heard of them before

It’s a kingpin event item. Kingpin is retired though, so don’t really need to worry about it. Basically it allowed you to complete a kingpin run without having to do the run.

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Ah, okay. I was around for the last few Kingpin events but never heard or saw anything about Kharnyx fires.