Suggestion: Noise for War Defend Banner and Pick a Dragon in Battle

I think that it would be good for the game to make a special noise when you need to pick a dragon during an attack as well as when you get a war banner/pop-up.

Pick a Dragon Noise in Battle

Sometimes people aren’t paying close attention because they don’t think they will need to choose a dragon during an attack (for varies reasons) or they get distracted/interrupted by RL. Then the game auto picks before they have a chance to realize they need to pick a dragon or before they can pick one. So I think it would be nice to have a noise that can grab our attention back to the game to prevent the auto pick.

Noise for War Banners/Pop-Ups

Thanks @Shimo for bringing this up. I see an old locked thread about this in the forum. I put it below for reference. My idea is slightly different.

I don’t want ALL pop-ups to make a noise (too many). What people really care about is war defend pop-ups mostly (because of higher league wars) then maybe war join pop-ups in the lower leagues where people haven’t learn to announce attacks in TC.

I always here higher league players talking about having to stare at a screen for hours waiting for a war defend pop-up (that sounds incredibly boring and annoying). With a sound for war pop-ups or just war defend pop-ups, they could have the game open next to them waiting for the noise while doing something else. Less boredom, yay!

I agree with the tread below that the noise should be a setting that can be toggled on and off.


Lol does the defender hear it too? If so I’d pick super annoying sounds

It already vibrates if your device can do that so yeah that would be nice. Up there with sounds for banners


My iPads don’t vibrate. Sounds for banners would prob be very helpful for higher leagues where people have to sit and stare at the screen for hours waiting for a defend war banner. Then they could just have the game open next to them and wait for the noise. Less boredom lol.

Yeah that’s why I said if your device can vibrate. It would just be extending similar functionality to more devices

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Good post OP :stuck_out_tongue: We definitely need this.

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Since there are so many different defends, and they have different banners now, it would seem like having a toggle for the different ones (event, atlas, war, normal) should not be too difficult. Could even be a slightly different sound or vibration, if you wanted to have them all on.

@PGJared or @PGEggToken – is this something that would be difficult to do? Maybe even just for wars? Although, for teams with Atlas, a different sound or vibration (or both) for those could be very useful during large engagements.



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