Suggestion of Atlas and Ways to improve them

Honestly, I have been thinking.

What if passage is limited to teams ?
Everyone is talking about mega alliance but what if we limit passage to teams ?

For example rank 100 atlas team can only put teams that are within the range (+50 -50)

So the atlas rank 100 team can only put other team within atlas rank 50 to 150 (just an example)

And to prevent bullying, reduce cool down time of enfeebled? Rank 1000 team can enfeeble a rank 100 team per 2 minutes or so? (Again timing wise is just an example)

This would reduce both mega alliance and bullying?

Once again the numbers are an example so don’t go cursing it’s just an opinion :joy:

Every idea is worth considering. There’s some merit it this although I already know others will say that team rank can be gamed.
But we have to start somewhere.
Maybe if we can fix team rank by eliminating low outliers from the calculations?
Then perhaps these other mechanisms to reduce undue influence could be worked on.


Will just create more sandbagging rewards lmao.

I can see where you’re coming from but it seems like it would be easily abused

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One problem that I see that would need to be addressed is that the enfeeble mechanic has a second limiting factor. (If this has been changed or I’m just plain wrong would be fantastic).

Enfeeble gets less effective for every “red” primarch on the castle so it can be rendered effectively useless.

The other problem I see is the differences in troop numbers between the two forces.

Gaming APR aside addressing these two issues is the next step in looking to refine your idea.

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Passage just needs to go away entirely. Only 5ta can travel to allies castle.

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Remove passage, make all castle accessible, enough with those empty t5.

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The problem is still back to the map

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Yeah team rank is pretty much not worth looking at tbh. Just only proofs the activities of the team. Wonder what changes can be made so the atlas game would be more balance……

Oh, I thought enfeebled was always based on how much your tower is built. Lol too lost now with changes in game and too rusty now hahahaha

Even if T5 were accessible I doubt to would change hands. U have T5 access castles now and they stay pretty much untouched

It will change, now teams will must guard them with prim if it accessible, which is limited to teams resouces.

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