Suggestion: Pausing Attacks

Can a “pause feature,” be incorporated for attacks? In many cases there is a conflict between real life and the game…it ends up with a failed attack or wasting a super attack in an event.


  • Only usable in attacks where there are no defenders present. This is not going to mess up war attacks by having someone attack and pause and make the defender wait there.
  • Debatable whether or not this feature is allowed if a teammate joins. Maybe Player 1 attacks and fails to finish the base, however Player 2 is helping but fails to finish the base as well. Player 1 then has to go to a picnic (whatever scenario) and decides to pause the attack. Then Player 2 gets the notification that the attack is paused. Once Player 1 starts playing again, he can finish the attack.
  • If megas only count for individual points then pause feature should work in these
  • Don’t know if this should be allowed in event attacks because the attack may carry over to next round.
  • The pause time will not be shown in REPLAY.


  • Players can take a break in the middle of the attack if their fingers are tired lmao or if there is a conflict with real life.
  • Players can see the next island if they didn’t plan well.
  • Players can see the levels of the towers.
  • They can take some time to reconfigure their wifi.


  • Can players swap/add a consumable spell boost if not used yet?
  • Can the player add ATTACK OR HP Boosts during this time?
  • Maximum time for an attack to be paused.
  • Where will the pause button be placed. Don’t interfere with the swap button and I don’t want to tap it by accident.
  • Available if teammates join? But no defender?

It’s something I’ve been wondering for a while now. I searched “pause,” and “pausing attacks,” but failed to find any topic regarding this specific suggestion. Feel free to comment your thoughts/opinions/etc.

I get it, but I shudder to think of how many bugs the required coding would introduce. But that’s just me.


Everything will have bugs…it’s PG. Remember when we couldn’t attack in the pvp event? Only certain players could.

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Agreed, that is why my personal opinion is that it would most likely cause a lot more mayhem than the tiny quality of life improvement would justify. I personally don’t find a large need to pause, and when I do get interrupted, it’s never caused me any real issue like wasting a mega coin or anything. I just don’t see much reward vs the risk (aka inevitability) of all the glitches. Again, just my opinion.

I’m not knocking the idea - in a perfect world, cool, I don’t need the feature but I am not against it. As you said though, it’s PG; there would be glitches.

Having to press a pause button won’t fix my problem. How about if the game auto-pauses when you aren’t looking at your screen? That way when I get distracted by the TV after starting a raid, I won’t look down just in time to see my 2nd dragon getting auto selected. :grin:

This is the joke of the year! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously: NO, this is a bad, bad idea. Unless you fly Hau, an average run takes 1.5 minutes. I absolutely understand your point of view, however it makes no sense to have this option with such a short average fly time.

And let’s not forget that the implementation would result in a swarm of bugs and glitches, those bugs would certainly cause harm to players, those players would open zillion tickets and threads here demanding an immediate fix which they couldn’t get, bla bla bla…

Does one really need this much trouble for a pause button :thinking: I don’t think so.

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You said what I was thinking. If real life interrupts your 3 minute flight, oh well sorry.

Like auto pause if u stop tapping?

It doesn’t really interrupt me…I was just thinking - many games have this kind of feature. Yeah I agree with those who say it’s not necessary.
In my case, I would prefer an auto pause when selecting a dragon so it doesn’t auto select ryuuuuuu. Lol

I hope you were just kidding. Imagine this happening in a war attack. X_X

Backer choosing dragon… 47 minutes later… Ahh, this maths test was a piece of cake! So where were we?

No, same specifications as above. If a defender joins - THERE IS NO SUCH PAUSE

Mea culpa, fair enough. still, it would be just like a hidden pause button. I know my game, if I leave it on base screen unattended for 15 minutes, it crashes. We already have a 30 second window to choose and equip a dragon, which is also fair enough.

I hate the auto choose feature, I swear it always picks my weakest dragon. I hate Ryuu. Let’s get rid of Ryuu!!

Man if we had this feature and I got defenders during event runs I would just press pause and wait until they quit.

:eyeglasses: you might wanna read it more closely

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