Suggestion PG for a seasonal theme


This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.

It’s more like a mechanical theme like in these video possibly make a biological/mechanical dragon


Insta-reminder of enki…


%drian family? (Wydrian, Redrian, Modrian)


That’s liger zero three forms


This is what I got from your suggestion, or am I wrong?


We already have mechanical dragons… why build a whole season around them?

Think outside the box:

we don’t have edible dragons, like cookie, candy, chocolate, cupcake, cotton candy, etc. That way we can have all colours, including pink for the Ladies. :wink:


I think we should have more dragons like dragons , some dragons just dont look like dragons at all


More Lyth? :eyes:
p.s. This is NOT “bring back Lyth!”


I know what you mean leos didn’t look like a dragon but he was good for lower lvls


Well Valentine’s day has passed I say the candy should be I say Halloween or Christmas


What about Children’s day?

But a chocolate fondue, bonbons, waffles, and million other sweets are so common, that they are not bound to any special time of the year.

Like my teammate said when I showed her this image:

“Now we need a season all about food dragons: Pastry chef rider. Baguette swords. Strawberry dragons. Cheese chunk dragon. I need all of it”


OMG that’s adorable!! Yes I want that as a dragon… SO BADLY

Speaking of edible dragons I did a lemon meringue dragon :lemon:


hope you are serious.


yes, i did say “are serious.”


Hopefully PG sees this as ideas for dragons and themes


Why not just do cake based dragons :joy:
Just do a sorcere apple pie dragon a warrior teramisso dragon a hunter cheesecake dragon

( it’s look cool at least and maybe bad idea as it would make everyone hungry so let’s do regular summer dragons or holiday dragons or Roman dragons )


Why they make a strawberry cream dragon like McDonald’s version of the pie good so good


I saw “Suggestion for a Seasonal Theme” and I was like, “Heck yes! I’m definitely down to read these!”, so I click into the thread, and OP had a bunch of Zoids transformation videos? Which makes sense after a double-take, but really had me confused for a second there. That whole moment really summed up Monday morning for me. :sweat_smile:

P.S. I love love love Zoids, there’s an awesome GameCube Zoids game that’s a lot of fun.


Sorry about that I didn’t add a comment saying like the liger had different components for battle let’s add a feature where dragons can swap from three setups to attack bases

Also I wanted to add like a mechanical theme where there is a all mechanical dragon a half dragon half machine and bio weapon dragon

That’s all


What about a space themed season. Like galaxies and black holes and stuff. Or maybe a bug themed season with giant spiders :grimacing:, and giant worms. :scream: