Suggestion PG for a seasonal theme


I like both of those themes haven’t had a bug type or dragon since way back


Back story of zoids (the ultimate X zoid)

Liger zero PANZER I rather Call that attack (Armageddon assault) but it’s mega bomb

Let’s make mechanical world destroying dragons!
Now maybe robot wolf dragon like metal garurumon? And thx for reminding me of zoids
Or perhaps destructive food dragons and origimai dragons?
Or plant dragons? (All I can think of right now in dragon designs


Love that one, emerald tier is one of the most beautiful in terms of dragons. Would love to see more jungle/flower/nature themed dragons.

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Flower dragon be funny they made that a beast


I would love to see more glowing or appearance changing dragons like the obsidian tier and like kaze in vanguard although his glow doesnt always seem to work especially after last update but i do really enjoy the aesthetics of the new dragons like uvs, surt, and ronin

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That was one hell of a game. Never existed in England. Had to import it and get an adapter to even play it. Sad times

Saying that I would love to see a few more mechanical dragons at lower tiers. It’s what, vanguard and harbringer they start showing up?

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