Suggestion/Question on Team Gauntlet

Does anyone else feel the point system for team gauntle should be looked at?
To me it feels the point award system is very skewed. In order to complete the chain, you need to sacrifice a ton of resources and points before you get to the decent points. As a team, many refuse to do that! They want the personal best points to chase sigil requirements. This devastates us as a team due to rank loss.
Players need to use what they have toward the best places to chase sigils. That is understandable.
This is incredibly disheartening as a team. Is there a way PG could add more point information per player so the officers can see who is participating and where?
I don’t know how to improve our progress if we can’t see where the problems lie.
Thank you

Then your team need to rethink their approach to play. By going through the PvE chain as quickly as possible they maximise their earn rate on every single PvP island thereafter - that means over the course of the event they will earn more points!

Your job as a leader is to communicate that to them - otherwise kick the stupid/selfish ones and get yourself new members.


It is SO frustrating. The reason (and to me it sounds fair) they only have so much energy and need to maximize their personal points to chase sigils. To make it tougher, there is no way of knowing who is actually following the chain or doing their own thing. I appreciate your reply. Thank you

Yes - but that’s stupid short term thinking - the event lasts 5 days. Spend the first day chasing PvE then they have the remaining 4 days to go after all the PvP they can get their hands on!

Even if they only run PvE the points awarded are so much better further along the chain why would they want to spend their precious hard to come by energy chasing low points? Doesn’t make sense to me. If they cant get this - then kick them because they’re too stupid to play in your team. :man_shrugging:


This event still requires an absurd amount of spending to accomplish what you are suggesting. Either spending before or during in order to accumulate the necessary inner fires and energy packs. There is a reason why 50 player gold teams don’t accumulate as many points as sapphire and Damond…

Actually, this is one of the events you can get away with spending very little and still do ok. The secret is to get your entire team to attack the PVE islands until you beat them all. A few bronze chests gets you enough energy packs for 100 energy, which is 25 Attacks. Just have to play smarter, not harder.


I only pay for elite on my main account, level 120 in platinum 2. I saved chests for about 2 weeks and opened enough to get 120k points in the event without spending anything but time.

I think I had about 700 bronze and 50 gold.

I didn’t open any after the fighting started and I have 650 and 25 bronze and gold for next event.

Yea that works. Though I suspect you don’t do well in other events hoarding your gold chests. In fact I know that’s the case since I myself spent an entire season last year hoarding gold chests to see what would happen the following season. The season I didn’t cash in gold chests sucked.

That strategy has nothing to do with individual prizes and everything to do with team rewards.

Team rewards? Team rewards in ANY event are a joke. You must work as a team to get everyone’s personal rewards better. Can’t have one without the other unless you spend spend spend. I prefer to get the team to work together and help the entire team better their personal rewards…

Sacrificing your personal rewards to help the team is a really generous thing to do but I wouldn’t expect anybody to do that. I’d like to see them progress and find a balance to helping the team as well.

I actually find it funny how UNINFORMED AND STUPID some comments are…

Like I saved some chests and got 120k points duh…

I had 159k points in a very good diamond2 team as an officer and used 500 IF and 130 energy boxes.

No chance to get this from 700 bronze and 50 gold :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Some start those events with 300 energy boxes and 250 IF and pretend they would have started at 0.

Hoarding for one event is one thing but there are 6-7 pvps per season hoarding works for 2 events then it’s over…

So you guys are saying that the nonspenders & lower levels will gain more personal points in the end if they invest everything into the chain first and Pvp later? How do you know who is following the team strategy and who is off doing their own thing? Many are very skeptical of that approach and again I don’t blame them.

Queues @mechengg

Yes, and its true. Also, you can monitor who is online and whether or not the PVP island is being hit (enemy team losing hp). Also if your teammates are clicking “invite” you can see at the top whom is hitting what base. This is what I did to @tag teammates doing it wrong and/or send mail.

Also, later PVE islands themselves will give more points than PVP island if you aren’t making PVE progress.

You can see the results as you go, literally, when you see PVP attacks are worth more points the further you go on PVE.

I really appreciate the input. I’m using this thread to link for the next gauntlet. Hopefully we’ll fare better than this one. Thanks guys

No problem. Had a tough time first few days of the event and we would have finished much higher if we’d been on point as a team from the start. Eventually people got it, and we jumped up to 7th from like 18th from yesterday to the end today. So yeah, it works.

Also after you have finished PVE and have moved onto PVP, make sure you have enough people online so that you can completely take out the opponent or it’s a waste and you get no team points.


I usually do quite well. Last fort I hit the 1.9M prize and I have more than enough tokens for 2 platinum legendaries and 1 sapphire legendary.

No no no no no no no. That strategy maximises both team and individual rewards! Here is the data from @mechengg:


As you can see, firstly, as you progress along the PvE islands, each one is worth more individual points due to its difficulty multiplier (e.g. Gustov is worth 2x Warrior). Secondly PvP island difficulty multiplier also goes up so your PvP target is worth 2.3x (2.6 / 1.14) when you have cleared Gustov vs when you are still stuck on Warrior.

All who prioritise PvP early on at the expense of PvE will suffer down the track - both team and individual.


I can vouch that this is true! In the past, my team used to do so-so in this event. We focused on PVP too much last time this event ran (the one before the event that just ended severa hours ago). We were struggling badly (I don’t even remember if we were above rank 20) before we shifted to focus more on the PVE islands. As soon as we did that, we jumped up and I think we ended above 10th place.

THIS time around, we focused on the PVE islands until we completed Gustav’s island. We finished in 5th place. The points further along the chain really do help you individually, and you as a team.