SUGGESTION: Recruiting Members Improvement

As an office and/or leader, we have the ability to “auto” recruit 3 players at a time via game currency. I tried it once but when I went to my Sent messages folder was highly disappointed with the players the game chose. Two were not even of the same language.

I feel like if we could add parameters, that would increase the use of this feature. Parameters could be language, league, level, ect. Maybe include 1 parameter automatically and increase the cost for each additional parameter you want.

It’s not really a useful feature to begin with, and won’t ever be. If you want to recruit some people there are many other (better) ways to do so. Save your resources and frustration, don’t bother with it.

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My suggestions would make this feature much more useful. I wouldn’t rely on it solo for recruiting, no. But when I only have 5 minutes to log on during break at work, at least it would be productive.

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