Suggestion : Reducing some upgrade times

For higher level players, you know what I’m talking about. Every single upgrade requires either spending an absurd amount of timers on either the Storage Room, The Breeding Castle or the Incubator and sometimes the builder’s hut just to progress a little. How about PG reduce the time to upgrade all of these towers by 50%. This allows us to progress faster.

Some of the regular towers have like a 90% discount time. After like harbinger storage isn’t an issue, and just let breeding castle/incubator run inbetween fort and breed to save a lot of timers lol




I would be more interested in being able to build a tower from 1-130 in one click (or as far as I had the resources to build, cos if my farms are holding 20M wood why should I have to click update, speed, click update, speed, click update)
And personally I’d like to see the time cost of Primarch levelling dropped more than I want tower times dropped.