Suggestion: Replace extract essence on Equestor with a shield

Hi PG.
Many months ago when you released Kinnarus, many of us complained that for an event dragon it had terrible spells. To all of us, you surprised us by listening.
Extract essence on a hunter or even a warrior works ok. On a Sorcerer with a familiar is a terrible spell. Very random and honestly useless.
I know many would agree with me that last few seasons the event dragons have not been that great. Equestor could be a much better dragon and I’m hoping that once again you would see that and perhaps adjust like you did with Kinnarus. I hope my fellow players would agree
Thank you


Works for Rhyo

Necryx? Kinnarus? Borgian?

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Idk, seems to be working. A white reverse projectile would be pretty cool.

Hm I’m not sure that extract is the problem, but that equestor can be entirely disabled with mage shots- the familiar’s main perk, the rage regen bonus, doesn’t work if your rage bar is frozen, and the familiar doesn’t protect it.

Is it possible to change the priorities on the Extract Essence to favor buildings that give defensive spells? (of course, it can’t favor cannons first or something, must still start with a storm, but adapt the spells to fit this dragon more?) If this isn’t possible, could the spell selections be adapted for Equestor? Some spells like Red Chain Lightning are actually disadvantageous, as they disable the White Thunderbolt. The synergy just isn’t there; if we want the Extract to stay consistent to the offensive nature with the dragon, it would still be preferable to have a more useful set of offensive spells.

Only works because Rhyo’s “familiar” shields him. If it wasn’t the case, Rhyo would have been a worthless Equestor too.

A sorcerer with white vines is really a bad one, unless you put a cloak on it too and call him Noctua. See Slax.

Put Spell flux on it, change the white Thunderbolt to red - more powerful than white - make the familiar shield him then you have a great almost unstoppable sorcerer. As he is now, Equestor is a good rss/XP dragon.

If PG would make these changes and I’ll be buying it in a blink.

Can’t change anything now. Too deep into the season. Kinnarus changes were within the first week of the season. It was a bad dragon initially and it’s still a bad dragon.


Yeah they won’t change it…I’m fine with Equestor how it is

what really need s a change is poor Gladicus, the dragon doesn’t stand a chance against proper bases, hell after platinum he wont stand a chance against ok ones either, but that’s what we expect from season warriors now, hunters still reign supreme, Avyx here I come(cuz ur the only choice at this point)

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