Suggestion: Replace monthly kill metric

Monthly kills is a metric most big teams use to assess atlas performance by their members.

Many teams have a requirement such as 300k monthly kills or 1mm or even 2mm with lots of other kill targets in between depending on team rank.

I propose that we keep lifetime kills but change monthly kills for a new metric.

The main problem with monthly kills is that big players on active teams will use their seigers and destroyers to steamroll tiny teams.

Players don’t do this for glory often they earn 0-50% glory. They do it because you can kill 15,000 troops for very minimal losses with 90% revives.

Which means killing lowbies is a very efficient way to stack 500,000 + kills a month for minimal losses on the attackers side.

Consequently lowbies feel helpless. They get smashed for low glory returns. They cant defend the hits and feel bullied. Often they don’t have atlas elite so the losses are quite punishing.

Ironically big teams can’t war small teams in main game but in atlas everyone is fair game.

My proposal is we switch the monthly kills stat in game for monthly glory earned.

This way teams can switch to a minimum glory requirement per month.

Players then need to hit decent targets to maximise their glory to hit team targets. There will be no point hitting low target’s for low or minimum glory.

While I’m sure this system has its own set of flaws I think it should encourage more fair play and take the pressure off small gate teams with players more incentavized to hit targets at their own level.


Yes, yes, and yes.

This is one of the big reasons why atlas is pretty much unplayable for so many low levels. Since a lot of teams have kill minimums, we see so many level 550+ farming level 200s for more easy kills with close to no punishment.

The recent tightening of the glory bands may have made it slightly better, but it still doesn’t address the fundamental issue. Stop incentivizing the making of atlas hell for lower levels :slight_smile:


While I don’t dispute that some teams do this, my team utlilizes a different approach to level atlas activity. We determine atlas activity in many ways. Kills is NOT one of those stats we measure. Then again, I am on a pirate team.
Also, You may be seeing increased activity at Atlas access castles as of late as Pirate teams have really turned up the heat in Atlas. The pirates ( privateers for those who own castles, have made it known they are unhappy with the gold primarch mandate. It’s not a matter of Pirates owning a castle… They can own one if they WANT one. They choose not to have one.
Also, i see lowbies trapping bigger primarchs so that their biggies can take out the attacker while be trapped by lowbie…Hence bigger snipers are taking out those who trap them regardless of size. Then of course you have the glory event where even crap glory adds up.
While there isn’t any one solution to fix them all, which one does PG fix and which style of play will be affected next??? And if another style of play is affected, what will be the end around against it, and how will the players affected by the new solution react? Will they then go on a terror and just start killing everything in defiance?

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Or… give the option to view both? If killing low teams wasn’t allowed, there would be barriers to not allow it. They’ve already taken away pretty much all incentives to kill low teams. Bad glory, increased revives for defender, etc. I don’t view it as a problem. Holding a castle is a privilege, maybe you shouldn’t have one if you cannot defend it :hugs:


It’s not an issue for me or probably most people on these forums.

I’m more thinking about the atlas rank 500+ teams out to 1200 or whatever it goes to these days.

Some RL friends of mine who were on small teams recently quit because atlas became too much of a chore and there was no reward.

Ultimately if small teams quit then it gets harder for middle teams to attract talent and then that feeds to bigger teams.

Its already getting harder for Sapphire teams to get decent new players.

I’m just thinking we need players at all levels to feel like they can thrive and be successful :wink:

I think teams should be able to hit whoever they want but I don’t think we should encourage the hitting of teams miles below our ranking. I have seen tonnes of Diamond teams earning zero glory smashing platinum 4 teams just to keep their kill counts up. It just doesn’t feel like a good way to introduce new players to atlas.

A small player on an 800 rank team getting smacked daily for no glory and for no way to fight back surely can’t be an enjoyable experience just my 2c.


People from big teams don’t just access your performance based on your kill count alone.
There are bots I believe that tells you, who you have been killing to get your kills from too.
Whether if it was from nml, guard swaps , nml swaps, whether you bullied smaller teams etc.

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How about… a metric that only counts the 100% gp ratio targets? People still can get mythic gears by hitting 99% and lower, but their monthly kill count will not rise at all with the change, if they don’t hit 100% targets. :rofl:

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A similar but different approach could also be an atlas season glory count, this way the team could see who is behind as well for obtaining mythic gear and help each other out accordingly.


This is just pathetic. That’s probably the most useless parameter to measure Atlas performance on a top tier Atlas team. It will only be abused by stupid and cowardly playing members killing noobs to look good on the kill count. Any decent leader will notice and hopefully tell the player to stop that shit.

I’ve been on some pretty active and highly ranked Atlas teams and never ever was kill count a metric to judge performance. It’s like judging driving skills by watching a person play with Hotwheels.


Some good points.

I don’t wanna name teams but quite a few Diamond 1 and Diamond 2 teams bulldoze P4 teams for kill counts.

If you ask them why they do this then it’s only for one of two things.

  1. Because that P4 team is on an opposing alliance and hit a P4 team on their alliance so this hit was more of a show of force.

This is less likely because generally P1 teams and then S teams are bought in long before the big guns come in.

  1. Kill counts. Its an easy stat to export along with event performance and keep a track of month to month on an excel spreadsheet. Sure there will be some friendly banter if people are killing lowbies non stop but really who is going to say something to a player like this if they are also super active in atlas and an asset to the team? And if they are fillibusting their numbers with 500k a month kills it makes the teams stats look better when reporting back to head office.

Perhaps not even the teams fault. But more the alliances fault because most alliances demand weekly troop counts and they assess kill counts to re order 5tas. (Along with taking into account who showed up on mandatory hits and that kind of thing)

So sure while its not the exclusive metric it is one that is used. I just think glory earned per month is better for everyone.

If in your view monthly kills is not important then why do you want to keep it if no one uses it?

Maybe you can highlight the flaws of glory earned as a replacement metric?

Because I think there is sufficient evidence out there that supports my claim that some D!/2 teams do bulk their stats by nuking helpless teams and that this practice is not great for the WD ecosystem.


I assumed most people track atlas activity using the glory event. It’s a better way to track it in my opinion and people tend to swap during pvp and so swapping doesn’t inflate the numbers.

I’d argue the better question is to ask is why are “top” teams monitoring such a pointless stat.


Glory event is only 25% of atlas game time. So I guess it only tells part of a story.

Monthly kills obviously isnt the only metric used but go into any line recruit channel.

Show me a Sapphire or higher team that doesn’t request a minimum kill count on their poster or bring it up in the interview.

Big teams hate swaps of all kinds. Most prefer you to snipe or do bubble parties outside of mandated raids.

Kill count is really a feeder metric that goes up to the alliance governance structure.

Team troop count going up - good.
High team monthly kills - good.
High Raid participation - good.
Solving combat issues with 5ta and no escalation or upward support requests - good.

In your opinion why do top 10-50 teams attack 800-1300 ranked teams. No glory. Why do it?

Surely if team 1250 is hitting a team in your alliance that it can be escalated up to a platinum 1 team worst case scenario. Even a Sapphire team. No need to bring in a Diamond team for zero glory is there?

Unless killing a few million guards and prims for incredibly efficient kill counts is handy.

Its easy to paint the picture that your 5tas KDR ( Kill Death Ratio ) is better than your opponents 5ta ratio if you stuff your stats with easy kills. It’s easy to paint the narrative that your 5ta did much better in the last raid than your enemy when you compare troop numbers.

… huh? Comparing KDR to another team/5ta won’t include any other teams. If I want to see my KDR from hitting team X in the past 30 days, it won’t include me hitting team Y.

And most bigger teams have access to other bots that aren’t scripts. We can see what teams you’re hitting and at what interval.

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Open people up behind them. Talk shit you get hit.

I don’t mind hitting small teams. Draining a platinum alt team until they finally enable to minimize troop loss and stop protecting daddy is one of my favorite things to do. I’ll hit a rank 1100 for 6 hour straight :joy: welcome to atlas, the war with no boundaries.

You’re honestly starting to talk about bands being made to disable teams from hitting below a certain rank, nothing to do with kill counts. It’s a game mechanic issue, not a kill count issue.


I understand your point as there obviously are teams/leadership groups using that metric to judge the value of a player for the team. As already mentioned, I think it’s the worst Parameter to be used for judging a players value for the team. Sadly, I doubt, that removing that parameter from the ledger or leaderboard would change anything, as it will most likely still be available through the API and bots will track it. In my pre-retirement time, our team always used glory as an indication of activity. Kill Count is stroking Egos. That’s all it is in my opinion


how do you manage to have access to the glory of a player?

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Probably asking to see their glory screen… lmao.

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When I was a recruiter, I liked to know the player’s information before contacting him.

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If said player isn’t willing to show that then maybe they aren’t a good recruit :weary: I understand that but meh sometimes good things require waiting and coordination between parties.

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And how does the information help you, if the player of interest is a complete idiot? You might end up recruiting the wrong player