Suggestion: Replace monthly kill metric

in platinum or in sapphire the recruitment is complicated (I do not know in diamond)
Bringing in a player is complicated. You often have to contact 20 players for a response that is not necessarily positive.
So without making a preselection it is complicated. But a player who does not have a kill often means at this level that he is not interested in atlas


Fair point….it could also mean, that he was on a team, that didn’t teach the player, that Atlas actually can be fun. Or the player wasn’t given enough information to make him/her feel comfortable hitting certain teams in Atlas. There are multiple reasons, why a player struggles to kill troops on the map. You might be better off, prioritizing other parameters when looking for members for your team


if you have any advice, i’m interested.


Another player created issue, something that I would hope is a small scale occurrence. Overall the atlas map needs to change. Big teams should not be able to hit little teams. However, killing players at similar ranks, (apr 500 hitting apr 600 say) player level matters less. Atlas really isn’t about player level as it is about team strength. If my team is rank 20, and I’m a 600 your team is rank 21 and your level is 200, I will hit you as if you were the same. This is because it’s a team based game. I’d be interested in exact reasons for this in depth also, as I personally love the kills meter. I hate glory and could care less about it. I want to destroy teams personally. Like ranked teams. As it should be for a war game.

So my questions are:
If you are a low level player on a gate castle, why teams sit behind you? If your apr is 800 but gate for
An APR 20 team, teams will treat you as if you yourselves were ranked 20. If there is no reason like that you are getting hit, then it’s an issue. If not, it’s an alliance/map issue not kill/glory issue.

Those teams hitting small players just for kills you can send me they info ingame and I would gladly kill them often, cause we as a community should not stand for BS like that. Allies or not IDGAF.

Are the prims getting hit taunters? Again, player level does not mean anything for taunters. We got them relentlessly on castles either way. That’s just game mechanics, remove taunters for trappers for better results.

Lastly, is this the same teams over and over and the same players? Or is this super widespread! Just curious what the bigger issue is really. Cause swaps and glory parties are way easier ways to earn kills, as a larger player they should be aware of that. Killing prims on castles is the slowest way to earn kills.

So what’s really the issue?


I think the same exact way. Draining any gold/platinum/sapphire team to stop protecting teams they gating for. These APR 400’s to 1100’s holding multiple access castles and acting as gates for much higher APr team castles is what I am looking to keep smashing until they are unable to keep said castles as they cant rebuild troops fast enough or they lose so many their hospital gets full and full troop loss after each hit. They can try to keep up but after weeks of doing this , they will wear down and forced to surrender castle. I hit and IDGAF. Many teams are starting to do this as these aren’t “New” teams… these are shell teams being manned by low alts to provide a shield for a 1 bubble deep castle. I want to see full access to every castle and watch the Wailing and Gnashing of teeth because of the burden of play that will be enhanced to all teams not just access or 1bd teams.


So you’re a bully. That is all there is to it you enjoy the power of hitting someone too weak to hit back.

I have been that team and faced those losses in the past and the one thing I have noticed is that on those occasions where I did bubble the team/player killing of my smallest team members (always my smallest even when I put my own Taunter there to take the hits) never, and I mean never hit the more appropriately ranked teams behind.

So dress it up how you want and I’ll admit other teams mileage may vary but in my direct experience it is about that power fantasy of kicking down and not to access the castles behind.

I know you’re generalizing but this definitely applies to a minority. I’m one of those but idrc, I’ll admit it. Most of the others just want to hit behind people. I’ve always found it weird how the best teams always have the 69 deep castles and let the babies gate them… let’s flip that around :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve been on both sides for a while, as in being small and being large. I see both sides of the argument. But at this point it’s actually off topic and has nothing to do with atlas kill count, and everything to do with accessibility and mechanics!

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I’d like to agree that this is off topic but it was put forward as a negation to the argument that kill counts is why big teams hit little ones.

Also you earned a measure of my respect for being honest about your motivations.

Access and mechanics are an issue and a separate one that is off topic to this.

So I suppose the reason topic question is this.

Do monthly kills motivate enough teams that removing the ability to measure this metric going to make a significant difference for the time and energy spent coding the changes?

The difficulty with this is it is so easy to pad this number in absolutely meaningless ways. I can go right now and throw Primarch into aligane capped up fully and I will get kills. I’ll get glory. And team glory.

But outside of team glory and personal, so what? Like what did it accomplish? These monthly requirements seen insane unless you actually go out hitting and raiding as a team and expect people to pull their weight then.

Outside of that sure it technically counts as activity but like… what does it actually prove? And more often than not people are blowing troops for nothing to hit these metrics anyway


It’s almost like it’s not a viable long term objective……
Oh yeah it’s not and neither is gear or glory.
They are rewards at best.
See the problem?


Yep everyone has plenty if gear now so atlas is kinda pointless :wink:

Unless your low level and just entering the map yes and then gear and glory are just a short term goal that quickly ends and just makes the map mandatory to offer competitive play :man_shrugging:
Yes that makes it a short term mandatory goal when it should be a reward for a real objective!
Kill counts should be being used to help leadership determine the strength of their team as that team battles towards a objective sadly we have no singular objective and the kill count becomes the only short term detrimental goal. :man_facepalming:
This metric being used as a goal leads to player and team elimination………
At some point it fails to motivate lol
Replace monthly kill metrics is the threads title…… try replacing it with a objective! lmao


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