Suggestion: Retirement Den & Color Based Roster

As I progress through the tiers and earn more and more divine dragon, the list I scroll through to change my roster gets longer and longer.

I have two suggestions:
A. Adding a building to the main island, the Retirement den. This can be used to “store” dragons of our choice, be it they are old, expert of divines that can not be leveled any higher due to not having their stones. By doing so, it would eliminate the option to add them to the roster, thus shortening the list. Simply remove them from retirement to add them back to the roster IF needed for quests such as “expert 3 legendaries”

B. We have the option to select “type” but adding an option to select the color tier, it would massively reduce the scroll/search time.

By adding one, the other or both options would simply make a smoother game play experience. I, personally, get tired of scrolling through all the divines that likely will never return…as many refer to them as being dead. So why see them all the time?


This would be a nice to have, I suppose. My workaround is to just leave empty spot(s) on the roster on purpose, so that I get a grid layout like the den without needing to go there. I understand your point, though, haha.

OK, stupid question… My roster is Max size and full… Can I remove a dragon?

You’d need to go to your den to set one to inactive first :slight_smile: ; it’s why I’ll usually try to keep two spots empty, so that I can rotate between the two without needing to go to the den.

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I think this is a great idea.

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The main island feels crowded to me… maybe we can just add a new tab to the dragon den? :smiley:

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