Suggestion: Right side for Leftys

as a left handed person it is hard to fly certain dragons and puts us at a huge disadvantage. Hunters for instance. Right handed people hold their device with their left hand and target with their right. With the spell buttons on the left they can use spells as they target and fly. For left handed people we cannot do this and it clearly puts us at a disadvantage. And before you right handed people say just use your right hand try flying with your left hand and see how well it works out for you :wink:. There really needs to be an option to swap spells to the right hand side. Sorcerers are hard to fly as well for the same reason. Can we please get this option implimented so the left handed players are not at a disadvantage. @pgjared


I was going to suggest you lock your screen and turn your device 180 degrees but figured you’d think I was being a wiseguy. :smirk:

There was a suggestion for it before, but it didn’t get any replies; we’ll see if this one does :smiley:

Arabic does flip the orientation, if I remember correctly, but the rest of the UI ends up looking a bit odd for people. So, something like it does exist.

@PGCrisis @PGMichael

Then would think it wouldn’t be that hard to put a switch that will move the controls but keep the language. even if they need a Language_choice(Lefthand) and Language_choice(Righthand) duplication. I know it’s not an elegant solution but think it is an option for them to duplicate configs.

@PGCrisis could you run this up the flagpole for our left handed siblings?

I’m a lefty. I have no issues with the controls but nothing wrong with asking And @mechenegg :point_up_2::point_up_2:I didn’t care to send you the very best :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I agree this is very annoying, as a lefty myself maybe PG could make a left handed setting where the buttons when attacking are on the opposite side of the screen? I seriously doubt they’d bother with it though

Somebody bothered to dig up old posts just to double flag my post again? Like seriously?

Is there a way to delete every post i’ve put on these forums without having to seek out each post individually? I’m not going to share anything if you guys aren’t going to have any sense of humor.

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You can see them under activity for your profile and can quickly access them but I believe you’d have to go into them to delete.

Or you can change your name, log in from the game which will rename all, then change it back and log in only from a browser and it will not rename all posts.

Seems like too much work.

I appreciate humor, even when directed towards me.

Awww mech did you get butt hurt? This is the forums! Everything and anything gets flagged. No need for reason!

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