Suggestion: rusher trap time should be reduced if it isn't using many troops


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Let’s talk about meta gaming, or gaming the system, or the clever use of game mechanics or whatever term you prefer.

Why should a level 100’s level 1 rusher with 1 troop trap for exactly the same amount of time as a level 1 rusher with a prim full of troops? Shouldn’t there be some sort of fractional effectiveness? Everyone is taking advantage of the fact it takes 2-5 minutes to kill 1 troop or 15k troops, but the trap is equally effective. Same with the taunters taunt.

It’s totally stupid that you can have no skin in the game and take advantage of the same mechanics as a full prim. There is no reason this sort of meta gaming should be supported or required. Please adjust this ASAP so it makes sense.


I agree completely. We will scale trap time based on what % of the maximum ships you have on your rusher. So 35k ships = maximum trap time. 1 ship = trap for 0.026sec. Looking into a hot patch.


Rusher’s maximum trap time (for any given level) is now only achieved when the rusher is completely full of ships at the time the trap is initiated (once the trap has started, the duration of the trap is fixed … the only way to end it early is to completely kill the Rusher). When the Rusher is not full, it’s trap time diminishes proportionally (half full = half the trap time, etc.).

How Does Trapping Work?

Am I missing something or has a suggestion been implemented 1h after posting? That is so good.


That’s PGDave for you :wink:


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