Suggestion - Seasonal Legacy Branch

Hello everybody.

As most of you can probably relate to; I have alot of seasonal dragons that are getting left behind. Not because they are bad dragons by any means, but because I failed to get all the evolution stones.

I believe I have a good suggestion that could help all old and new players alike.
What if a new branch was added to every new season. The first thing you had to do in the new branch was to choose a legacy dragon (a dragon that you picked up in a former season, but didn’t quite finish). The branch itself should require the same amount of tokens like any other branch in the season, and even include a token at the end, towards seasonal Mythics.

What would happen after you pick the dragon is that the branch should be locked to that dragon. Now any progression in the Legacy Branch should give evolution stones for the locked dragon, alongside all the usual rewards.

This gives the opportunity to actually revive some of the old and forgotten dragons that are good, but not usable because of the lack of evolution stones. It would in no way be unbalanced, because the dragons are already included in the game and so is the branch setup. Any already owned evolution stones can easily automatically be swapped out for some regular rewards like breeding tokens, elemental embers, gold chests, etc.

The branch will as formerly mentioned be locked to a single dragon, so can only be done 1 time every season, and will of cause take away points from the other seasonal dragons. It will just be a choice people can make, just like which dragons to go for like the setup is now.

I believe this could be a very nice addition to the game. Its easily implemented and should be too hard to setup a mechanic to lock an already owned dragon to a branch.

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

I think we’ve done this rodeo before. Suggestions are nice, but we’ve literally have had a hundred posts before suggestion variations of this. @moderators have whole standard text about it by now. Have a go at the search to find out why this idea will never happen.

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Hello, thank you for joining in on the discussions of this online community. The question you are asking has been asked many times before. It is only natural to feel a sense of sadness and regret when you must finally retire a trusted dragon who has served you faithfully through many battles.

It is also natural to see other players flying amazing dragons and want to be able to obtain that dragon for yourself. However, divine dragons are meant to be collector’s items that are available only for a limited time. Allowing these dragons to be obtained outside of the season or limited time event that they were originally available for would belittle the effort and money that older players put into obtaining the dragons when they were first released. Effort and money that were expended with the understanding that this was the only chance they would have at obtaining these dragons.

Here are some quotes by PG employees in regards to this very issue.

Here are links to searches of previous threads on this topic. Past divine dragons, Rainbow Evolution Stones, and regular Evolution Stones.

If you feel that none of the posts in the searches above provide you with satisfactory answers, or you feel you have an idea worth discussing that hasn’t been discussed before, please reach out to Arelyna via a PM. If they feel your idea is worth discussing in the forums as a whole, they can reopen this thread so your idea can be discussed.

Until then, happy reading. We hope you will offer insightful ideas in the future.