(Suggestion) Separation of Leagues on Different Atlas Maps

Separation Of Leagues on different Atlas Maps
It has been mentioned before in other threads and has been liked and disliked as well, Separate maps between leagues would promote fighting from same size and abilities of players. While this may not be the easiest to implement, it would be a bit easier for players to play and learn while having FUN. Flying abilities differ from each player. I am just an average flier at best and I am mid to upper 400’s level player with Abyssal dragons. I am no match for a level 500 either defending my base or attacking theirs ( At least i am honest about my flying abilities).
By separating leagues on different maps, it would take away the ability of Upper league teams having to bubble , or even the ability to hit for bad glory on a much lower league team.
Map 1: Diamond 1 & 2 leagues All T5/4 castles. unlimited castles can be owned. Make all castles Access.
Map 2: Sapphire 1/2/3 Castle level T4/3 All Castles access.
Map 3: Plat 1/2 T3/2 All access castles
Map 4: Plat 3/4 /Gold T2 castles only . make all castles access.
By making all castles access, this promotes fighting on enemy castles for glory. Do away with ALL No Mans Land Castles.
Of course the Higher the league and map the better bonuses each team would receive.
As for Sandbagging, as the game sits now, Most Platinum level teams have a 1 or more level 500 players on their team’s roster. Maybe not the best flier ( Myself included) but does have that harder base to beat. So most skilled players will want to be on a higher league, Higher payout team.
Lock leagues by season. Beginning of each new season, teams would move up based on same or criteria. Each new season, wipe the maps, land grab each new season. Let teams store infrastructure they have had previously built and any troops an individual may have. So infrastructure and troops carry over season to season. Castles DO NOT.
While I encourage both positive and negative critiques of this idea, please don’t be the one who turns this into a toxic idea environment. List your pros or cons, as well as your addition to or subtraction to this idea.
Thanks for the conversation and being open minded and considerate of others


This sounds a lot like positional attacking and positional based gameplay :eyes:


Atlas was born with the idea of creating a world without leagues.


I like this idea a lot. Personally I think it’s so difficult to create catch up mechanics without giving legacy players an incredible advantage (tons of stored egg tokens and extra towers from the timers that would have to be given out) that the way to go would be more separation. If you’re allowed to play competitively with players at your level, it doesn’t matter if you’re level 50 or 500, you’re matched for the players around you. Personally I’d organize it a bit differently though, but I think your idea is really good as well.

Atlas divided by sections.

I would do it like this:

  1. Different subsections of Atlas where some teams aren’t allowed to enter. How’d this work? Rank 1k+ teams can go anywhere they want. Rank 500-999 teams can’t go to the weakest areas. 300-499 can’t go into the 500 and weaker areas and so forth.
  2. Revenge hits are allowed for a certain time period so that little teams can’t go pester the big teams without consequence.
  3. Once you have conquered a certain amount of castles in the next tier up, you MUST surrender castles in the lower tier as you don’t belong there anymore.
  4. Lower areas (and lower ranked teams even in the same tier) have better catch up mechanics IN ATLAS such as easier to build more troops, more gold, etc. Higher tiers its tougher to create troops but you get prizes such as timers and egg tokens to incentivize trying. This would (in theory) create a back and forth equilibrium where strong teams get weaker the longer they stay on top until they are replaced, then they have the advantage and could retake the top spot again with time. Currently its the opposite, the top teams get more gold and bonuses so the longer they stay in the top spots the harder it is to replace them.
Personally, I'd want forced separation in main game leagues as well

Before everyone freaks out, this would be an option just like in grade school P.E. for the kids that don’t want to be competitive.

  1. Platinum-Diamond leagues stay the same. They’re organized by ranking points and move up and down by winning or losing events.
  2. Gold leagues are no longer affected by rating points. Instead, teams would be made up of similarly leveled players. Once you surpass the level limit, you’re auto-kicked from the team and forced to join a new one. The levels should have overlap so that you don’t have to go from strongest to weakest too quickly ie. GoldX 0-25 Gold IX 15-50 Gold VIII 35-80 Gold etc. Gold I would be open to any level so that friends can hang out as they want.

This would allow casual players to relax but enjoy playing with players at their level, or in Plat and up compete as they do now. In my opinion it could help with new player retention as they feel the waters since they won’t instantly see players 4 years ahead of them.

In reality there’s lots of ways to implement this, but I’d like to see something (mainly so people stop complaining about how terrible different bullies are).


Sounds like a sand baggers delight.



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While it may have been born with the idea of creating a world without leagues, it was created and implemented with Diamond teams only giving those Diamond teams a huge head start on the learning curve, the extra token and timers , gear , and atlas prizes that sub leagues did not have the opportunity for. Even as late as fall of 2018 Atlas was not given to all of Platinum 1 and no teams under that. Now if the creators would had stripped all “Extras” given , earned, or bought not true , then erased the map and started new and then involved all leagues to give each player an opportunity to be on a semi level playing field ( Semi , as those that had beta for years still had the learning curve figured out ) then it would had been a much better situation.
Yes you could argue , " well there was lag, there was hours of moving, we had boats, we had all these problems" but nonetheless you received massive egg tokens daily, crafted gear, learned how to get atlas prizes through glory and timers to all make you stay at end game and cause much more separation between not just the leagues but also the players.
So what i am saying is this: while it may have been born one thing, it was implemented in a way that put a disadvantage to the overwhelming majority of players. Thus, separating these leagues now would be beneficial to those lower leagues and FORCING bigger league teams to fight one another ( skill against skill) with the purpose of eliminating this so called Stagnation.

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Sandbagging will never go away. However, just because a player is level 500 doesn’t mean they have the skill or even reached the dragon tier to play at that level. The catch up mechanisms for leveling bases has outgrown the ability to keep up with dragon tier ( Breeding) for lack of tokens especially a the Abyssal tier and above.
Currently, and I play in plat leagues, Most teams in Platinum have level 500’s and a few 600’s in the leagues as a whole. Sandbagging isn’t the same as not being able to compete because of skill or ability to fly dragons.
Sandbagging would be dissuaded as well as upper level leagues / Maps give better rewards.

So you would like to eliminate the stagnation by decreasing the number of teams that can be hit and increasing the teams that can become the bullies of each division of the league? and who goes up and down from the different steps he takes? does he take castles and then lose them every time?
it’s okay to think about improving atlas but dividing it into leagues completely eliminating the initial idea doesn’t seem like a good idea to me

I think this is a large misconception people have of the cause of stagnant gameplay. I don’t think it comes from not enough teams to hit or mega alliances, but more from fear of being hit. Therefore if you keep bigger teams separated from smaller teams, you’ll see smaller teams less afraid and more willing to try conquering.

Think about the game RISK. The more players that there are (without alliances), the more cautious the players will be because there are more players that can attack them if they’re spread too thin. Once alliances start to form or there are fewer players, the attacking becomes much more aggressive, because there’s less fear of being attacked from each side.

Mega-alliances unfortunately do make problems as well, mainly with lag and preventing smaller teams from doing anything because everyone has a big brother.


While this is your view of it, it may not be the view that others have on it.

creating a division will create many great big brothers who will have fun hitting the weakest teams of that league since there is no one stronger than them to be able to counter them!
now you can defend yourself from bigger teams with the number! 20 small teams can stop a big team, if you eliminate the possibility of forming alliances between the different leagues you increase the number of teams that cannot be countered and therefore of small teams that will suffer without being able to do anything.

Of course, I never said that what I say is law :raised_hands::joy:

I agree, and with separation , these mega alliances can’t exist as they do today. 5ta’s would continue to exist, but it would be only those leagues fighting one another. I see it as it forces all leagues to “Stay in their own lane” (LOL). By erasing the map each Atlas season, this gives everyone a fair shot at owning castles. Currently there just isn’t any way a plat 4 team can HOLD a castle without help from Much bigger teams and alliances. This is a change that would benefit all teams at some level. and help the smaller league teams most.

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That is true lol. Nor is mine law. this is just a suggestion to improve Atlas. I appreciate the cons of this idea as much as the pros. So, while i may not agree with your view, I respect it and appreciate you take the time to respond!!

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There’s a difference though with a rank 100 big brother stopping to 500 ranked teams from fighting than a 500 ranked team being the big brother of a rank 700 team. Sure, someone will always say the bigger team is being a bully, but it’s better than teams that are way bigger being the only reason small platinum teams can even try for a conquer.

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And how is that working out exactly? :thinking:

You know I’m new so I’m not saying we have the adult pool and the kiddie pool, but I do think it’s frustrating how little there is to do in atlas at my level.

I like the idea of having SOME of the no mans land areas segregated by level. Instead of just Aligaine there could be the training grounds for 40-100, another for 100-200, and then so forth.


I think it would work out perfectly if all castles were access castles.


I like this idea. It would be interesting to see the implementation and the unintended consequences but in general the idea of allowing the teams who aren’t in diamond to catch up quickly in breeding to reach end game dragons I think would be beneficial for the game and improved catch-up mechanics is something I’ve long wanted to see (despite not being able to benefit myself).
Right now if my friend started the game, no matter how motivated they are and how much they play, either they decide to spend several thousand dollars to see if they like the game and reach a competitive point in the gameplay, or they’re banished to the low leagues with alts and other inactive accounts and players where they won’t get the mentoring they’d need to grow successfully into a strong player.

While the top tier teams would benefit from extra timers to get even stronger bases that the catch-up teams couldn’t really compete with directly, at least the catch-up players could fly them. They might be countersniped first every time but being able to fly a base and dying first is still an improvement over right now where they can’t fly the base and still die first.

The only challenge is how to boost the rewards for each group to encourage players to stay in the right group for them. I don’t think we’d want to see half of diamond join a platinum team every troop event and half of platinum join diamond for fort event etc. Also we don’t want the platinum players building 20m troop reserves each while the diamond players all become 690s with max bases in a relatively short time.

There’s truth to this. Right now if a rank 500 team in alliance A tried to conquer a rank 510 teams castle in alliance B, we all know their stronger friends will show up. Then the attackers friends come and it’s keeps escalating to where conquer isn’t that likely. It happens but I’d rather see the two 500s battle it out and the friends be limited to other teams that are similar strength. Not have a 650 send a max taunter to sit so the rank 500 team (who’s biggest player is a 480) can’t hope to conquer the castle without calling in more high levels to kill the 650.