Suggestion: Tab to allow recycling of old towers

I suggested this to a tech long and he said it was a great idea.
So I’m now bringing it to the forums, please bear with me as I explain.
Create a way where we can take an old tower (Balistas) destroy it, recovering 60-70% of its xp and transfer it to another tower without affecting players base level.
Basically, for all of us that did not know anything about base set up, this would allow us to fix to a degree those mistakes we made.
For you, PG, this would encourage many of us to try new towes by basically salvage a percentage of the tower we want to replace and apply it to the new one without affecting the base level.
I have about 30 towers in storage with all that xp that I wasted because I didn’t know better. I know there are many players like me and this would give us a tool to adjust our bases with greater effectiveness, minimizing changes to our base level. I hope my fellow players would agree. Many of us don’t upgrade towers because we don’t want to level up too fast (makes our dragons weaker until they catch up)
Thank you



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This could actually be a good thing. Seeing as I have so many in storage knowing I will never use those old things ever again. Knowing it wouldn’t affect our levels but still help as we learn from old mistakes.


This has been discussed before. The difficulty is how to prevent players from exploiting this function.

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I’m not sure this is the best way to do it, but I’d love a way to fix my old building mistakes

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Yeah it’s been discussed many times.

The only problem is it would have to be much lower then 60% and it would also have to decrease the xp of your base level some… because without these negative things it would be far to easy to exploit!

Maybe a 35% - 40% return and it drops your base level 50% of what the original Xp was…

So if the tower gave you 34k Xp at first then destroying it would take 17k Xp away.

But yeah it’s a good idea it would just need to be made in a way where people couldn’t build and destroy towers loading up on lumber packs and such to use in Fortification.

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instead of getting xp back, I would suggest to get rubbies for it.

The amount of rubbies for recycling tower would depend on tower Level.

The “delevel” issue brings about a lot of issues as it correlates to tower caps and dragon minimums.

  • What happens if you drop below the required level to build your den. Do your dragons delevel too?
  • What happens if you drop below the minimum level for your storage/builders hut to level? Do you lose tower levels that are too high for your new base level?
  • What happens when you drop below the minimum level to build a tower type? Does the tower disappear?
  • What happens when you drop levels and your max XP drops? Do your dragons lose XP that you gained for your previous higher XP cap

Etc. These are the exploits I see coming. Just playing devils advocate, as I have my original account I’d really really like to fix too.


Why would you drop level? The defensive rating on your base is based on the active towers on it. The ones in storage don’t really affect that. If you add towers to your base the overall percentage is spread out but not loss. If you take towers out, your defensive rating drops. Your level does not change, it only gets affected when you increase the defensive rating of an active tower (upgrade)
Place all your towers in storage, your base level remains, it does not drop. Your defense would be zero if you do that.
You are assuming that but destroying a tower in storage it would drop your level, well that’s a question to developers because I don’t know if that’s true

That’s why most people would want to clear their storage…

Many on this post missed this point in your OP

And people since have expanded on the idea to include deleveling.

Personally, what’s the point of ridding your storage unless to fix your mistakes?

This isn’t how XP works either.

I do like the premise of the OP’s suggestion though - that say a level 40 ballista could be turned into a level 30 archer if one so chose.

Fixing my OCDness of having unmentionable amounts of ballista in my storage :sweat_smile:

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Someone mentioned instead of reducing level, adding to the XP required to go up a level.
Say you need 80k XP to go to level whatever, and you salvage something that has given you 10k XP total, you now need 90k XP to go to the next level.
I would take that deal for absolutely nothing in return just to rebalance my level to defense ratio.
I don’t want any rubies or “xp back” or resources. I don’t care about that, would just be happy to right my building wrongs.


Awesome idea, I really don’t care if I get xp or rubies (of course if we did that would be even better), but I just want a way to get rid of all the junk piled up in my storage :laughing:

Hopefully this can be made possible!

Good idea also is changing only type of tower (ballista -> cannon/lightning and so, red to blue, totem type. dark flak - fire flak). it will cost wood or clocks, and it will not bring xp-issue. Maybe it would might be used to gain points in fortification without gaining exp - so only this moment will need balancing

I would say that a “glass floor” would have to be established preventing you from deleveling towers past a minimum threshold, which would be established by other aspects of the game (i.e. dragons).

I have about a dozen towers, all level 1-10 that I created in the beginning of my game play during a fortification event for points. I would love to recycle those. Yea I may lose a base level, but its unlikely to affect any other aspect of my game play, compared to trying to “give back” my level 40 towers.

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