Suggestion: Team Chests in Events

Thank you PG for team chests and for listening to to feedback on them.

Could you please add black pearls to the rewards in the chests? They’ve become increasingly hard to get, and those of us who don’t have a 3rd (or 2nd) perch would love to have enough resources to build them. Seems like a good place to add pearls in the team chest since no one will complain that drop rates are getting changed.

If anyone has suggestions for other things we could use in the team chests, feel free to post them here. I’m liking the rune dust there and in the team chest missions btw. :+1:

In daily quest for team chests , u can slightly increase the prize bc some tasks r little tough means tym consuming , and by doing this u can give more value of our time than before @PG .

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Unless you have maxed out your towers on all islands, you should only be focusing on one perch…

Still, people who don’t spend need more black pearls.

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I wasted all my pearls for fortification points lol. My seagazer perch is still for gold tier dragons, while I’m breeding garnets. Point is I don’t need a perch because of the way my base is setup.

Tbh I have been getting a lot in gold chests.

Personally, I’d like another 1,175 perals so I can stick mehatten on the perch by my farms instead of quetz. I’d have it up to maybe garnet level if I hadn’t been stupid and built a second one earlier on :laughing: the second perch can do up to gold dragons.

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Lol the reason why I don’t need pearls is because my perch is on the rage drain island…

I use the 2nd perch so I have time to get into the battle and defend before my base is half gone.

Mine (1st) is stuck at gold…

Bad idea. Use a level 1 blue instead


Eh… can’t steal essence a perch.

So, you would rather, for every single attack on your base, leave the attacker (and all followers) a rage building mechanism, than allow, on the off chance they use a Steal/Extract/Leech Essence, the attacker to gain an explosive shield/shield blast/chaos - all of which use rage, and all of which is useless with a blue mage around.

Ok - your base your call :man_shrugging:


With that issue they could just as well ignore the level 1 blue mage for the same purpose if they were so inclined lol.

No. Because they’ll be zapped by a supershot. There’s a reason why I chose blue mage. Can’t be dodged, must be killed.

That’s not entirely true, PG seem to be releasing more dragons that have the ability to avoid blue mages stealing their rage (Kirin, a couple of the new harbs as some recent examples). Depending on where the mage is it would be possible to disable it from afar before it can supershot, or just take the hit and recover your rage on the following islands.

Not saying people won’t kill it or it’s a bad plan, just that it could be avoided if you really wanted to :woman_shrugging:

I am not looking much forward pearls, but it would make sense if they were more available during fortification in gold.
For the team quests I’m all in for prizes event related: eggs in breeding, pearls wood and timers on fort, inners and energy on PvP. And of course sigils on all.

Edit: Like yesterday I got the 550 egg tokens and I was “finally!”

So I’m grumpy’s and shadelos’s example, they’re talking about the second perch (first short the drag comes to). Putting a low level blue there is infinitely better than a perch, why? Bc it can steal rage, where as a perch has no possibility of doing so.

Yes, there are ways around it, but they almost always involve a negative rage expenditure to bypass it, or just kill it, which means no rage anchor for the follower.

Rajin and Opes are the only ones with a positive rage gain. Fomhar can bypass it relatively painlessly. The rest of the dragons either have to blow 2 to 4 rage to bypass it (kirin, zam), or is forced to use a lock down spell which means that flyer isn’t using a more suitable spell for his dragon, and means that he’s starting his attack with 4 rage instead of 5 (3 after getting hit, plus 1 around the turn).

Lol. There’s no recovering rage on a storm red blue ff Df island following the blue on short.

Aib can pass relatively painlessly too.

As I’m on Android the lag sucks so I have actually put a blue on the back of the last long. Followed by my rage drain on the short. Having one less blue on rage drain isn’t a huge sacrifice as most people can’t dodge it.

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I only have 15 towers on my base… attackers would have full rage by the time to get to my kill island anyways.:woman_shrugging:

I need a long time between start of base (2nd perch) and 1st island because my wifi sux and I always join late.

Anyways, if I had a mage there it would just be a wasting a ss.

May I see a screenshot of your base?