Suggestion: Team Vault

I’m only just getting into my mid 20’s and I’m already seeing myself and my team mates bogged down with more resources than we know what to do with. We end up shipping them off to each other to go farm for more, only to hear them laugh about it in chat because they were full too so it poofed into limbo. On the odd chance somebody actually has a need then, in the 20 minutes it takes for a supply shipment to arrive, they went off and farmed themselves full anyways.

Seems to me a solid solution for this would be a team resource bank that officers may pay out to members as necessary. Leaders could set a member tax to automatically collect, and members could willingly donate to the vault if they choose. Vault capacity could be expanded just like individual store houses.

Not only would this end the silly merry go round of shipping resources around only for them to end up being lost anyways, but it would introduce a much needed source of unity that the team system seems to be lacking overall. One small and simple step towards teams feeling more important than just being there in the background compared to other similar RTS games.

I look forward to everyones feedback and potential support!

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Your suggestion already exists, available in Atlas, which is an expansion of the main game, and - fortunately or not - is only available to teams that have been provided with the access to it in Platinum leagues and above

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