Suggestion to improve feeding/fortification start

A suggestion to improve the playability of these events, since the start time gives a huge advantage to those that can play at the start.
Either moving the start times back to a better time, or varying them each event to put the start time at a playable time for different time zones. Or probably a better idea, give everyone 100% resource protection until they log in or spend resources once it has started.

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Not a bad idea buddy :+1:
But it has been mentioned quite a lot, doubt they plan on doing anything.

Plus starting event at different times would stop those teams who cannot be on from getting raided just because event hasn’t started for them.

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Yeah it probably has been suggested. Just would be nice to be able too start the event with all my resources and without giving everyone a half day head start due to the terrible start time.

Event start at the “perfect time” for PG so they actually have people in the office who can deal with issue when they happen at event starts. Just as an FYI why the start time doesn’t change.


Thanks. Yeah, that’s why I was thinking giving everyone res protection until they come online might be a better way. At least that way you’ll have some res and be able to get some points on the first day. But yeah, it’s just an idea on how to even the start out since it gives those in the right time zones or don’t work, all day to spend their own res and grab everyone else’s - leaving nothing for those coming on later and making the first day pretty much unplayable.

The 100% resource protection until first login is a terrible idea. That would prevent resources from being raided from inactive players, which would worsen the shortages.


It’s nice being on when the event starts, but realistically the majority of the points from the event come from food packs, not being on at the start.

Not necessarily. Most of my points come from raiding toward the end of the event

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I only ever have a couple million in food packs max.

Yes, to be more specific a majority of “early points” come from food packs, not the 1-2M sitting in your storage and farms.

I definitely agree with that.

Yup this is pretty important.

Also most other mobile games (including European owned) use a time that’s pretty close to this time. So I’m pretty sure it’s also actually a pretty well optimized time for the most players. The issue is that there is no good time for all, so either everyone needs to be equally disadvantaged or it needs to be a time that has the greatest coverage. (In other words it could seem like a bad time and in fact be as good as it gets)

Alright maybe just players that have logged on in the last week or similar. Wouldn’t make much difference since there was nothing to raid yesterday or very much this morning anyway. As I said, just floating ideas on how to make the event more playable for everyone. If you can make the start you’ve got all your res, and can raid, if you don’t you have no res and can’t raid.

This is about the easiest start time of any of the ones I can think of. Most start mid afternoon rather than early morning - still not great but closer to a playable time. And certainly not the worst I’ve played - at least they go for days not a few hours.

Yup. It is my opinion, but this event exists primarily to decrease availability of food in circulation.

It probably shouldn’t be an event at all. (Not alone)

And resources in general are not scaling. I’m not sure if the event is still balanced at lower levels, but when you need 1m plus food to feed the smallest dragons you basically spend on chests and use the atlas banks because you won’t get enough at a meaningful amount otherwise.

It’s working if that’s the goal - there’s nothing to be had at the moment. I can see me trying to rush this Tuesday morning before work to get any points.
No idea there was a bank - don’t have atlas yet. But most events don’t scale well from what I’ve seen - the larger players make points a lot easier and quicker then smaller. You put two levels on a dragon at 1mill a piece there’s 400k points, i do it and I’ve got 40k. Takes a lot longer to catch up in points - assuming I can find any res this event, and I’ll run out of dragons long before you do.
Ps - the last post was meant to say earliest not easiest, phone autocorrected and I didn’t see it before I posted it. Haven’t worked out how to edit post or add the quotes in yet.

This last fortification event is rough my team has a lot of relatively new players and the team challenges are extremely difficult to obtain for us. It was tiered better in other events but the increase in points from one tier to the next is too much

feeding should go for the whole season and the prize will be hanging out at the end of season


Yeah that could be a good way of doing it. Gets rid of the whole lack of res issue and gives you something to spend food on between events. Also gets rid of the issue of level dragon now as you need it breeding or hold off for feeding event - same with main season dragons, improved attack now or good points for event.

you do it wrong. you must always feed dragon at least till breeding level as well as all the main attack dragon and stack xp for dragon after they are breedable.

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