Suggestion: View Evoulution Stones

There should be a way that we can veiw all of the evolution stones that we have earned for our dragons. Sometimes i forget how far on the prize line i got for my seasonal dragons and i have found myself trying figure out what stones i have.

This has been asked before, and it was originally planned to be a feature… but now you just have to level your dragon to find out, if you’re passed it’s usefulness, then you’ll usually know

I understand that. Hopefully it will be implemented in the future. It would be a nice feature. I brought it to the developers but they say it will only be implemented if it is what the community wants and instructed me to put the suggestion in the forums so now I am just trying to get enough support for it

That’s honestly a canned reply to everyone who makes a suggestion. For now, you can mail support and ask them which evolution stones you have.


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