Suggestions for making wars more fair

I think that if a team has fewer players than that is warring against them then the other team should be only able to attack the same amount of people. So if team 1 has 50 players and team 2 has 45 players then team 1 should only be able to attack 45 players. If team 1 were to be able attack with all 50 players then team 2 would stand no chance (provided all players partivipate)

Never. Gonna. Happen.
Been suggested and rejected many times.

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Your statement doesn’t make sense… if s team had 45 players that IS all they can use. And the team that has 50 can only attack the players you have. That’s why they get 25 free flames. That is I guess for the losing team a bad deal. But it’s the nature of this game. What that means is fill your team ASAP!! :sunglasses:

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Why should team 1 get penalized because team 2 is unwilling or unable to field a full roster? Seems pretty nonsensical.

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@xshevax What I think you may mean is that the 50 player team shouldn’t get the 25 free flames???

Is that’s the case that wouldn’t be fair to the team that was able to fill their roster!

2 Level 500’s in one team, would never lose a war xD Prewar anything they want and win on defense lul :slight_smile:

Flagging this one as spam too.

Glad you found the forums.

Read first, maybe search some, THEN post…there are a few other threads with war suggestions already.

Hi @XShevaX and welcome to the forum! As you’ve probably seen, many forumers have been around long enough to see a lot of the suggestions you’ve brought up posted before. I’m glad to see you being so active as a newcomer, but as people have suggested, it’s best to do a quick search (the magnifying glass up to the right) before posting.

To our veterans here, let’s try to be a little more welcoming with our tone, and maybe go easy on the spam flags. We were all new once.


I’m sorry, but 3 topics created, 4 minutes reading the forums. Go easy? Sure. :v:

Im not sure how to explain what i mean that I’ll try. I just thought that if only the same number of players per team could attack, it would be more fair. So it would be first come first serve kind of thing for attacks. Because if a team has a full roster and they wage war on a team without a full roster, the team with fewer members wouldn’t stand a chance. For those of you that said it isnt fair to a full team due to the other team being unable to fill their roster: recruiting has become very hard due to players quitting the game because of all of the game issues. Some teams recruit massively everyday and get no new members. I’m just trying to figure out ways to make wars more fair. Please be respectful when replying. All opinions and views will be respected by me. Just trying to help💛 If this topic was already mentioned, I apologize, I’m still trying to learn how to use the forums. Tnx guys

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